By Elke Zabinski

July 31, 2009

An ex boyfriend once told me I was only happy when I was torturing myself. From raw food to cross fit to Bikram yoga, distance cycling, weight training, P90X etc. etc. etc. I have pretty much tried it all and in my mind the more extreme the better. Yoga in 105 degree heat, no problem, it will help me acclimate to Miami summers. The only time 95 degrees feels cool is after a Bikram Yoga class. Cross Fit was my trainer at Equinox’s idea. We would alternate one month cross fit then 30 days of weight training Russian Style, kettle bells and Russian deadlifts all barefoot. While cardio is not my favorite, the sheer torture of INSANITY is totally my cup of tea.

Insanity is an indulgence in my masochistic tendency. I haven’t trained like this for a few years so this should be interesting. My goal is to get cardio healthy. I’m excited to get back to the basics of hard-core training using just my body and no other equipment. Judging by the infomercial this is an insane workout that gets you amazing results. Seeing the test group doing the exercises along with Shaun T is motivation enough. They all look incredibly fit and shredded which exactly what I want from a program like this.

Looking forward to two months of INSANITY!!!