4 Supplements That Help Burn Fat!

teathumbYou’ve heard all the myths about developing a six-pack, and now know that such things as spot training are ridiculous fads from the late 80’s. Doing a thousand crunches each day and nothing else won’t reveal your six pack; it will simply give you an iron washboard of abs beneath a few inches of fat. Instead, you need to combine the proper kind of exercise with excellent nutrition and supplements. That’s the magic combo, and it still takes months to go from average to ripped. So say you’ve got your Rev Abs or Insanity Workout, you’ve got the nutrition plan that comes with it, and now you want to know what else you can take to help you along your journey. Well, listen up: we’re going to give you some ideas.

How To Get Back On Track With Your Workout

We’ve all be there, where for a few months you’re cruising along, working out right, making steady advances and losing weight. We’re finally getting on top of our nutrition plan, we’re gaining more energy and feeling great. And then something goes wrong. An injury, a weekend of fun, a vacation, a family tragedy, we lose […]

What Is Insanity: The Asylum?

Shaun T rocked the world when he released the Insanity Workout, a 2 month blast of extreme interval training that took you from zero to hero in just sixty days. Billed as the most extreme home workout available, it immediately became an overnight success, with hundreds of thousands lining up to take the challenge and […]

The Single Best Ab Exercise

  What is it with our fascination with abs? Why are we as a nation so fixated on six packs, on shredded cores and defined torsos, on the lean and gorgeous P90X workout effect that having a well defined six pack has on our figure? While having a strong and powerful core is crucial to […]

The Dreaded Week 3

  Everybody is always raring to go come the beginning of Day 1 of any workout routine. All that anticipation, all that desire for challenge, for hardship, for extreme results. Yet four weeks later everybody has invariably quit their routine, quit their goals and stated objectives and are back on the couch, listless and bitter. […]

Best Workout For A Six Pack?

  What many of us want is to look good. To look great. To be able to pull off our shirt at the beach or in private with a certain special someone and enjoy the feeling of them looking at us. That can mean working on our pecs, our shoulders, making our thighs thinner, losing […]

Before There was Turbo Fire, There Was Turbo Jam

Chalene Johnson’s latest release has set the fitness world to talking. Turbo Fire is the hottest product on the market, an incredibly high energy combination of cardio kickboxing with HIIT—High Intensity Interval Training. When it comes to burning calories and toning muscle while having a great time, nothing beats Turbo Fire. But that’s not where […]

Remembering Jack LaLanne

  Jack LaLanne, the first and greatest apostle of fitness, a legend that has inspired millions, passed away on January 23rd, 2011. He was 97 years old, and over the course of his near century on this planet he helped usher in an age of health awareness and the desire for physical fitness like no […]

Don’t Throw Your Money Away With a Gym Membership

The default move when people want to get into shape is to go to the gym. They don’t even think about it, instead equating a huge room filled with cardio machines and weights with the path to health and fitness. But is this the case? Must we go straight to the gym if we want […]

How To Shred Your Core

We all want a shredded six pack. When you pull your shirt off over your head at the beach, we want people to pause and glance at us out of the corner of their eyes as they admire our washboard stomach. But how does one go about achieving such a goal? It’s become clear that just doing a hundred crunches each morning won’t get you there. So what is the best, most intelligent and fail proof method to getting those abs to pop?