Best Workout For A Six Pack?

  What many of us want is to look good. To look great. To be able to pull off our shirt at the beach or in private with a certain special someone and enjoy the feeling of them looking at us. That can mean working on our pecs, our shoulders, making our thighs thinner, losing […]

How To Shred Your Core

We all want a shredded six pack. When you pull your shirt off over your head at the beach, we want people to pause and glance at us out of the corner of their eyes as they admire our washboard stomach. But how does one go about achieving such a goal? It’s become clear that just doing a hundred crunches each morning won’t get you there. So what is the best, most intelligent and fail proof method to getting those abs to pop?

Meet Brett Hoebel, the New Biggest Loser Coach!

So, you may or may not have heard, but Brett Hoebel has become the center of national attention with NBC’s latest announcement as to who will helm the 11th Season of The Biggest Loser! They’ve been hinting at who the new trainers will be for over a month, using sly camera angles and shadowy portraits to tease us on, but now it’s in the open and Beachbody’s own Brett Hoebel will be inspiring and leading a team of overweight contestants in their bid for losing the most amount of weight!

What My First RevAbs Workout Was Like

Here at Extreme Fitness Results we’ve been talking about RevAbs and Brett Hoebel for some time, eagerly anticipating its release and trying to compare it to other workouts like INSANITY or P90X. We’ve been asking questions like, ‘How will it compare to P90X’s Ab Ripper X’, or ‘Will the cardio be as intense as Shaun […]

RevAbs by Brett Hoebel – Sneak Peak Preview and Reviews

Brett Hoebel and Beachbody  have launched  REVABS – a cutting-edge, ab-defining and body-toning program  This high-energy program combines ab training, interval training and strength training with a spice of Afro-Brazilian capoeira to yield unparalleled results in 90-days. Get ready to rumble…get ready to REV ! Created by award winning trainer Brett Hoebel, RevAbs combines some […]