3 New Scientific Tips To Improve Weightloss

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Weight Loss ThumbYour grandma tells you that valerian root will help you both lose weight and improve your luck. Your gym buddy says you should wake up at midnight to chug some caffeine to help boost your metabolism and lose weight. Your roommate tells you to wrap yourself in saran wrap before going for a run in order to lose an extra 5 lbs of weight. We've all received dubious advice in the past, and sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. But here are 4 new tips to help you lose weight that have come to light as a result of scientific studies. If you want to drop some pounds, here is some solid advice.

4 Basic Diet Fundamentals to Losing Fat

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Vitamin CEverybody wants to lose fat. Everybody wants to get that ripped, monster look, expose those washboard abs, get some nice definition, lose the jiggle and the wiggle and be all toned and firm. But how do you do it? Exercise won't get you there by itself--you need excellent nutrition. Today we're going to look at some of the nutrition fundamentals and see what exactly you should be doing to ensure you're on the right track.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

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Weight LossI get this question all the time. "I'm doing everything right," they say. "How come I'm not losing more weight?" Whether it's somebody who has been pounding away at Insanity for a couple of weeks, or who's about to finish their first round of P90X, people will often climb onto that dreaded scale and get disheartened. Expectations run high when people start, and yearning for a total body transformation, they pour their heart and soul into their workouts, only to find themselves betrayed when they haven't dropped the 50lbs they hoped to lose. What's happening here? What went wrong, and why?

Body Gospel – The New Donna Richardson Workout

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Body Gospel The time has finally arrived. Body Gospel is to be released on May 28th, and this phenomenal workout is set to take the nation by storm. For those looking for a workout that will lift them up, energize them, tap into their passion for the Lord and help them power their desire for fitness with their faith, Body Gospel is the answer. Created by legendary Donna Richardson Joyner, Body Gospel is the latest Beachbody product that will be filled to bursting with their trademark high quality material, from Nutrition Guides to resistance bands.

Your P-Ratio: Why You Should Love It or Hate It

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P-RatioHave you ever noticed that naturally skinny people tend to pack on muscle when they overfeed, while naturally curvy people tend to pack on fat? And those naturally skinny people tend to lose fat quickly when they diet, while naturally curvy people tend to struggle to not lose as much muscle as fat? What's going on here? Why are some people naturally better at staying lean and getting ripped, while others have to fight their love handles their whole lives? It's simple really, and quite unfair: the culprit is something called your 'P-Ratio', and it's what determines what kind of body you're going to tend toward naturally. Love it or hate it, your P-Ratio determines nearly everything.

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Insanity and Weight Gained After Pregnancy

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Insanity WorkoutDifferent people come to Insanity for different reasons. Some are former college athletes looking to regain their strength and energy ten years down the road. Others are preparing for a marathon, or looking to drop weight gained from a life of unhealthy habits. But one of the groups I run into the most frequently and receive the most questions from are women who gave birth to kids a few years ago and have woken up one morning to have put on 60 lbs or so. These women are amongst the most motivated and determined group I have run into, and their tenacity and desire to reverse the weight gain is often the strongest. But how hard is it for them to lose that weight? Do they face extra obstacles, or is it in fact easier for them?

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