Body Gospel

Body GospelThe time has finally arrived. Body Gospel is now available, and this phenomenal workout is set to take the nation by storm. For those looking for a workout that will lift them up, energize them, tap into their passion for the Lord and help them power their desire for fitness with their faith, Body Gospel is the answer. Created by legendary Donna Richardson Joyner, Body Gospel is the latest Beachbody product that will be filled to bursting with their trademark high quality material, from Nutrition Guides to resistance bands.

How Does Body Gospel Work?

Have you ever left church feeling powered up, filled with purpose and energy? Have you ever wondered why you can’t feel that way when you’re slogging on the treadmill? Well, therein lies the secret behind Body Gospel’s success. By combining the power of prayer, energizing gospel music and her in depth knowledge of fitness, Donna will help you drop those pounds and get healthy. By putting you through a comprehensive cycle of workouts such as interval training, resistance training, core work and stretching, Donna will help you transform your whole body and fuel those workouts with the energy that comes from praising God.

And Christianity is a core element of this program. Each workout begins with a prayer and ends with a prayer. The workout comes with meditations and references to scripture to help guide your path and keep your focus where it belongs. One of the workouts is even performed before a live Gospel choir, and the Christian message pervades this workout through and through. If the thought of combining your faith and devotion with your quest for fitness appeals, if you think that by uniting the two you could achieve the impossible, then this workout is for you.

Donna Richardson JoynerWho Is Donna Richardson Joyner?

A proper listing of all of Donna’s achievements would take pages and pages, so instead we’ll just hit the highlights. The Oprah Winfrey Show named Donna as one of the “Top 5 Fitness Video Instructors.” She was nominated by President Bush to the Sports and Fitness Council, is in the Fitness Hall of Fame, holds Guinness World Records and has achieved incredible success by starring in award-winning workouts such as Buns of Steel and Sweating in the Spirit.

Who Will Love Body Gospel?

  1. This workout is perfectly tailored for all men and women who are motivated by their religious faith. Each workout begins with a prayer, and the focus is equally on spiritual as well as physical health.
  2. What’s wonderful is that Body Gospel is a gentle, low impact exercise that is accessible to even the most novice of beginners. You can jump right in and begin losing weight immediately.
  3. Do you love Gospel Music? Does it get you moving and grooving, up on your feet and fill you with energy? Then Body Gospel is for you–the music is brimming with energy, and will keep you working out long after you might have otherwise stopped.
  4. Finally, if you love classic workouts that bring results, then you’ll love Body Gospel. Donna has used all her expertise to fashion a workout composed of effective techniques and exercises such as interval and strength training.

What Comes in the Body Gospel Workout?

Body Gospel Workout

  • 6 Workouts on 3 DVD’s. The core workouts are simple, effective, and powerful. Combining interval, cardio conditioning, resistance training and ab and core work, you’ll be dropping pounds in no time.
  • Stepping in the Spirit audio CD. Play this when doing you walking workout, allowing Donna’s hand picked Gospel hits to motivate you further.
  • Body Gospel LIVE! Groove, sweat, and exercise with joy to this workout set before a live choir!
  • Total Transformation Guide is your handbook to success. Including your Commitment Contract, explaining the Basics of Body Gospel Fitness, and coming with a 30 day journal and workout calendar filled with Scripture quotes and motivation from Donna herself.
  • Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide will be a key part to dropping weight, as Donna helps you get your nutrition on track.
  • 3 Day Jump Start Plan will help you get started right by cleansing your body and preparing you for your new exercise and weight loss.
  • “Basic 10” Fitness Cards explains the 10 essential moves that you need to do, so that you can do them anywhere you go!
  • Body Gospel Bands are key to your success, as they give your muscles extra resistance for your workouts.

Where & When Can I Get Body Gospel?

Body Gospel is being released tomorrow, May 28th, and can be purchased from any Independent Beachbody Coach such as Extreme Fitness Results for $79.90. Remember: any price cheaper than that means it comes from a counterfeit source, and that means the dangers of non-delivery, identity theft, and worse!

Learn more about Body Gospel here!