Too many people like to think about putting their health and fitness on the priority list AFTER the holidays. I often think that the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions is an awful one, since it gives us an excuse to postpone getting healthy till after all the bad eating habits have run their course, and then make of what should be a marathon a sprint as people try to undo all the damage one over the Fall and Winter months in but a few weeks. So don’t be like everybody else: get in shape today!

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to work out if they’re not already in shape. It takes effort, commitment, sacrifice and changing comfortable habits that we’ve adopted and grown fond of. To suddenly cut comfort food, to get up off the couch when you feel tired, to stop doing nothing and start sweating and moving can be uncomfortable and painful. But when you’re facing several holiday meals and rich cooking it can be imperative that you begin to change your habits before eating another 50,000 calories in only a few weeks.

Let’s take a look at New Year’s Resolutions while we’re at it. They are basically artificially imposed deadlines that we give ourselves, often attempting to do too much in too little time, and knowing that we only have to make a go at it for a few weeks before we can allow ourselves to quit. Rather than setting ourselves up to fail by falling into the same old pattern, we should skip it altogether and take control of our lives TODAY.

So start working out. Adopt a new workout such as the three month PX90 that is sweeping the nation right now, or the two month Insanity workout that requires no equipment and takes only about thirty to forty minutes a day. More importantly, skip the desserts you will be tempted with and instead drink a chocolate shakeology, packed with so many healthy and wonderful nutrients that you will wonder how you lived without it before!