Insanity WorkoutWhy do a high intensity workout instead of a low key, relaxed workout?

Why do people throw themselves headfirst into an extreme workout like the Insanity Workout, punishing themselves day in and day out, sweating blood, pushing further than they thought they could, going so far each time with their interval training that they think something will break or burst? Why this need for the extreme, why this need for immediate results, for insatiable change now now now? Why not ease into health, why not get results over the course of six months, or a year, allowing your body to bloom and grow strong slowly, at a regular, perhaps more healthy pace?

That’s the question anybody who is considering an extreme workout has to consider. Why go for such intensity? Why go for such an extreme challenge? Why try on the Insanity Workout or the P90X workout?

The reason is simple, and anybody who is compelled to do these workouts will tell you exactly why. It’s because they want to see if they can. For the same reason mountain climbers climb Everest, because its a challenge, a way to test how tough and disciplined they are. Why climb Mt. Everest? Because it’s there. Why do the Insanity Workout? Simply to see if they can.

You see, some people have a fire within them. They are the mad ones, the ones who set themselves on fire each and every workout, who try for their limits. There is no halfway point for them. No 75%. It’s all or nothing. Because, they believe, otherwise why bother? If you don’t give it your all, you might as well not try. The idea of cruising into health at a lazy pace holds zero appeal for them. Is it smarter? Irrelevant. They don’t want to know.

Call it ego. Call it pride. Call it a competitive nature, call it madness. Call it masochism, call it discipline, call it an iron will or a fanatical obsession, anybody who goes for an high intensity workout shares the same mentality as a Lance Armstrong, a Michael Jordan, any champion you can name that won’t quit, won’t stop, and won’t take no for an answer.

And you know what? It’s these people at the end of the day who look phenomenal, that lose the most weight, that make the most radical gains. When it’s all or nothing and you put everything on the line, if you press play on that intensity workout dvd, you’ll win big every single time.