Insanity Workout

INSANITY has exploded into the fitness world. Everybody is trying it out, trying to get ripped, trying to make it through those sixty days. Nobody can make 15 minute’s worth of exercise as excruciating and painful and amazingly awesome as Shaun T, and the number of people trying INSANITY can attest to that. But what about the man himself? Does Shaun T really motivate people to get moving, or is he just a guy with some fancy moves and an annoying attitude? If you’re going to be spending an hour a day with him, it helps if he doesn’t drive you crazy. So–in this post we’ll take a look at Shaun T, and ask–does he have the goods?

Ok, I’m not going to be able to pretend to be objective for the duration of this post and pretend that the jury is really out on Shaun T. I’ve done some INSANITY workouts myself, and the man can make you move. There have been times when I’ve been kneeling on the floor, lungs heaving like a bellows sweat stinging my eyes, legs like jelly and swearing I can’t move, and then I’ll hear Shaun yell from the TV, “Dig. Deeper!” And man if I don’t force myself back up. He keeps up a constant string of encouragement, demanding your best while allowing you to take breaks. Always repeating that you should watch your form, never compromise your form, and that you should stop if you’re starting to slip. It’s that balance, that acknowledgment that he’s pushing you beyond your limits, but not asking you to hurt yourself that makes him awesome.

If you follow the INSANITY workouts, you’ll come to know his mannerisms. You’ll come to expect that warcry of his when things get tough, when he notices his crew beginning to falter, when he just lets loose with a bellow, yelling for everybody to get up, to get going, and you’ll see how his crew responds, how they just seem to jerk right back up and get moving, energized by his cry. Or how he’ll tell you to dig deeper, to push it, to push through. He’ll tell you he’s there with you, he’ll tell you that he’s with you all the way, and when he’s staring out of that TV screen right at you, sweat running down his face and conviction burning in his eyes, you can’t help but believe it.

So yes. INSANITY works because not only are the moves ridiculous and brilliant, but Shaun just makes you move. You can’t help it. Does Shaun T have the goods? Hell. Yes.