Can You Do Only A Few Insanity Workouts / Week?

Insanity WorkoutThe Insanity Workout is a comprehensive program that is composed of 10 Workouts on 10 DVD’s. The workouts come with a comprehensive Nutrition Guide, and are meant to be done six days / week for two months straight. However, I frequently get questions about whether people can do the Insanity Workout only a few days / week, whether that will still ‘work’, or if it’s worth even doing if they can’t do the full program. I’m going to try and clarify a few doubts and misconceptions here, and hopefully set you guys straight!

First off, once you buy the Insanity Workout, you can do whatever you like with it. You can follow it religiously, doing every workout each morning and eating only what you’re supposed to. Or you could leave the box unopened on the shelf, and never do a single one. Or you could do one workout a week, or three, or find a way to combine it with your cross country running workouts, or your martial arts program, or anything at all. My first and most obvious point is this: the Insanity Workout is a fitness tool, and once you buy it, you can do whatever you like with it. Your results might vary depending on how you go about it, but in the end, you don’t need any permission to do what you like.

Now, as I said, your results will vary. If you expect the kind of results you see in the Infomercial, than you need to do exactly what you’re told. If you do less, you’ll get less out of it. So if you do the workout once a week, you’ll get a very slight change over time, and maybe nothing cumulative as you only stress your system randomly and don’t force it to adapt to the new workload. If you do the workout three times per week you will start to realize real changes, but they will be more gradual in nature, resulting in an increase in health in fitness, but nothing as radical as doing the workouts solid six days per week.

Does that mean Insanity is an all or nothing workout? That if you don’t get extreme results, you might as well not do it? Absolutely not. Some people don’t have the time, will power or sufficient conditioning to do it all six days. Instead, they might choose to phase into the workout, approach it in a more gradual manner so as to give their joints time to adapt. Also, be aware that a little exercise is better than none; that doing three workouts / week is infinitely better than just sitting on the couch, so in that sense, ANY amount of Insanity is good for you, and should be done.


Another reason people might not do the full 6 days is because they are already committed to another sports program. Swimmers, marathon runners, basketball players, all of these can benefit from Insanity, but cannot do it exclusively as they train for their sport. Instead, they use the program to supplement their current regimen, seeking to improve their anaerobic power, looking to improve their sprints, jumps and explosive movements. Is it worth their doing Insanity only a little? Of course!

So, looking at the original question,the answers are as follow: you can do whatever you like once you buy the program, and every little bit helps. If you can only do so much, than do it; if you can slowly do more, than do that too. The goal is to do the program as it is designed, but not everybody can right out the door. So instead, work your way up to it, and in the meantime do as much as you can.


  1. Tanisha says:

    How can i modify certain moves like the push up jack and the suicide jumps?

  2. Kristen says:

    Tanisha… I have been doing the Insanity workout for a week and I modify the push up jack by doing a certain type of push up. I have my one knee on the floor and then elevate the other one in the air while doing a push up. I just used my imagination because like you, I can’t seem to do the push up jack either. I hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Kathleen says:

    Tanisha, What part of the Suicide Jump is difficult or impossible for you exactly? If you can’t jump your feet back into the push up stance then I would suggest for now just bend down touch the ground with your hands open and flat and then come up with your arms up in the air and jumping upward and then to repeat that move … basically leaving out the legs jumping back into the push up stance. Eventually as your upper body becomes stronger and your cardio / endurance can handle it you WILL be able to perform the entire Suicide Jump!

    Do what you can and you will improve.

  4. Kathleen says:

    LOVED THIS ARTICLE! Great info and encouragement 🙂

  5. Hi, I need a little help, I was 215 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds walking and eating rigth in a period of 10 months.
    I want to amp it up cause I feel kind stuck and I think my body is ready for something more xtreme. My question is should I get P90x first and then Insanity or it dosen’t matter????? Thanks for your suggestions.

  6. I have been doing insanity but I have my cross country season coming up. Should I run and do the workout on the same day? Or should I replace days with just running?

  7. Parkatola says:

    Thanks for a great article. I finished Insanity about 2 months ago, and since then have done the workouts a couple times a week, but nothing like 6x/week. I started P90X last week, and found that I was still in shape enough that Plyo X was a good workout, but I could finish the whole thing the first time. (Even after 60 days, I couldn’t do all of the Insanity Max workouts without pausing from time to time.) Bottom line for me, I loved Insanity, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically. I’m enjoying P90X, which is different as it’s more resistance work than all cardio, but I know I’ll go back to Insanity after this. I know there are some hybrid programs out there, combining Insanity with other programs, and that may be a good option as well. Insanity is great because even if you can’t complete a workout at the start, you work up and get stronger. Even the folks in the videos are taking breaks. So take heart, Dig Deeper, and do (at least some) Insanity!

  8. I am a marathon runner and with my normal training runs there has been no safe way for me to do the Insanity workouts 6 days a week. So as mentioned in the above article, I have adapted the workouts to compliment my training. I do Insanity at least 3 to 4 times a week along with my runs. I listen to my body. If I had an especially hard run, I just do the Max Recovery the following day (which is wonderful after a long run by the way). I have found a way to fit it in and I can see the benefits. My speed work times are improving along with my tempo run times. I agree that this workout is what you make of it and one size does not fit all. The nutrition part is just common sense. Healthy eating is life changing once you are committed to cutting out the junk and creating balance with eating and training. I found this article to be reassuring and helpful.

  9. What is the best time of day to do Insanity? Today was my first day doing the workout, I work a regular 8-5pm job, so i woke up at 5:30am to get the work out in. Only thing was, I obviously couldn’t eat before hand so I noticed my blood sugar plumited and I vomited half way through the workout. I’m wonder if after work might be better, as I’d have some fuel in my body….. any suggestions?

  10. I’d work out in the evenings if possible, Shannon!

  11. Hey everyone,
    I just got the Insanity workout package for my birthday. I am dedicated and really want to get healthy and back into shape. As a young adult I worked out alot with basketball, volleyball and track, now that Im in school and work full time in EMS– Ive definately “let myself go”. I havent worked out in awhile, and I have gained weight. My question is… Is the Insanity program more for people who are “in-shape” already and looking for a new program? Or should I try to lose weight and get in better shape before I even start the program? Im a little worried that I wont be able to keep up.

  12. JustAGirl says:

    I’m doing my 2nd round of Insanity…I dunno your age, but I’m 24 and I too played sports a majority of my life, even in college…I graduated from university a yr ago and stopped doing any athletic activity at least 2 years ago …I did 2 rounds of p90x and ended up gaining weight…i began insanity after about a 3 month break from p90x and any exercise …i was 300+ lbs when I began insanity, but i’m also 6’3 …I think if you’ve been through rigorous exercise in your life before, Insanity is going to be a mind blow (and body), it has been for me at least …and it will remind u of the past haha, but in a good way of where u use to be at in your health. Just be determined and TRULY DEDICATED! Shaun T says on one of the dvds, “Get fit or get out, I’m not tryna hurt you, I’m only tryna make u better”

    Good luck if you decide to take the Insanity challenge, I think it’s worth it & completely amazing!

  13. As a mom of two boys, I fit in Insanity whenever I can. I started it this summer, and was able to do almost 6 days a week for a few weeks, then had to take a break (husband had DVDs), then got back into it (started at week 3…) Did all the way through the Recovery week, then had to take a break while we were visiting husband (he’s in the Navy)… I just started up Month 2 with the Max workouts… So, I’d say yes, do what you can – modify exercises if you have health/injury/etc… constraints…..

    I used to run, then taught cross training fitness classes, then took a break and chased after two little boys…. The youngest just turned one, and I’m the age i will be forever (that’s 39 for those of you who don’t understand)… but I have never been in as fit of shape – washboard abs and carved arms….

    So, do what you can – it is worth it!!

  14. I have just finished the Insanity workout and loved every min of it. I am trying to figure out what to do next. I need to figure out how to maintain these results. I play hockey and it now seems easy to me. I actually have abs for the first time in my life. i have always been athletic and alwyas gone to the gym but this was amazing!!!! I have never been in this good of shape. i think i am going to follow the eating plan for the most part, but if I want to endulge I can and not feel to guilty. I will keep track of how many calories I eat per day. i am also going to do month 2 work outs 5-6 times per week and play hockey 2-3 times per week. Do you think this will be enough??

  15. chrstnbnrd says:

    I am just starting month two of Insanity. I have been running most mornings 4 miles and then doing insanity at night. I expected big results but after the first month and the recovery week I have actually gained about 4lbs! I have altered my diet slightly (to the good) and have added a protein shake with fruit in the morning for breakfast. Is weight gain normal? I am a distance runner and was in decent shape before I started but had some blubber in the mid section. I have toned up but was alarmed at the weight gain. Someone please help!

  16. Wendy Pan says:

    Hi there!

    I’m really glad to see this article – I’m currently involved in swing dancing, which ranges from slow dancing to hard core cardio. I dance three nights a week regularly (about three solid hours each night), and am looking for something to do on days off. However, I also travel to dance events on weekend (where I dance something like 8-12 hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). My concern is that last fall I lindy hopped my way to a stress fracture. I really like the look of insanity for the intensity, but I’m worried about the impact and reinjuring my foot. I’m also a little bit worried about losing too much weight (I suspect that my fracture was due in part to eating too little for the amount of physical activity I was getting), but I do want to get “ripped”. I considered P90X, but I’d prefer not to build too much muscle, and anyway, my main concern is cardio endurance.

    This is a bit jumbled, but I’m sure there’s a question in there somewhere. Would reducing Insanity to three or four days a week allow me to get the benefits without risking the concerns I’ve listed above?

  17. @chrstnbnrd

    don’t worry about weight gain and weight loss, trust me looking at the scale will not do you any good. As i was doing insanity my weight kept on going up and down and up and down even though i visibly saw change in my body. I’d say that instead of looking at the scale, rather take measurements every once in a while and use that to measure how far along you are.

  18. hi i am new to insanity and i was wondering am how many times i do one dvd each day. like if its pure cardio day i just do the disc once and then i am done for the day? please help thanks.

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