Insanity Workout Review: Day 6 Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – Round 2

August 8, 2009  – Day 6

This is my second time doing this workout and no, it hasn’t gotten any easier. I am soaked in sweat every ounce of water I drank (probably 16oz) during this workout is making its way back out through my pores. I can’t take a shower yet because I know the sweating will continue.

From doing these workouts I realize how little I exercised the heart and lungs before. I can’t think of any cardio machine at the gym that even comes close to this. Plus to be on a machine for forty minutes is incredibly boring. INSANITY changes what you are doing every minute and you are constantly challenging the body in every way possible.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit is a killer. It goes from tough to brutal to excruciating. Level 1 drills – I don’t even want to know if there is level 2 or 3 (God I hope not). I’ll be so impressed if by the end of this program I can complete the entire set of Level 1 drills. That’s a good goal for me to visualize. If only Level 1 Drills didn’t come at the end (no excuses).

The week started off with the Plyometrics and week 1 ends with it as well. Tomorrow is a rest day, maybe I’ll practice Level 1 Drills on their own and see if I fair any better 😉



  1. Hi,

    I just finsihed my first week too. i am 5’6 around 230. I can complete roughly 65-70% of the workout but I have not lost one single pound. Definitely have adjusted my eating habits.

    Anyone else have this problem after week one?

  2. Mark, it could be that you’ve lost fat but also gained muscle mass at the same time – if that’s the case then your scale would show no change, even though you’ve lost fat.

  3. mark – I’m halfway through my 2nd week, and I havent really lost any weight either, maybe a half pound. i think taniel has it right. as long as you’re going as hard as you can during the workout and eating right, then you’re body is likely adjusting to the workouts. you’re probably gaining muscle while losing fat and it sort of balancing out. if another few weeks go by and you’re not seeing any fat loss, then take a look at your eating habits. your comment was on 9/2/09, so you should actually be done with your 60 days by now – congratulations!

    i think this (plyometric cardio circuit) is one hard workout btw, especially the last 5 minutes with ski abs and in and out abs.

  4. Someone gave me the insanity program, I’ve just started. The workouts are really kicking my butt. I love it. The problem I’m having is I didn’t get the wall calendar with the DVDs so I’m at day 6 and not sure where to go from here. Was just wondering if someone could help me with the order of the workouts? I’m excited to see what this can do and a little stuck at the moment.

  5. Phil Tucker says:

    Aren’t the workouts crazy? I’ll see if I can’t find something online for you and shoot it in your direction. Thanks for dropping by!

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  7. im done with week 2 gonna do my 2nd fit test today and have had no change yet. have not lost a single pound inch nothing. ive been eating healthy too. im pretty discouraged i expected some progress 🙁

  8. Phil Tucker says:

    Brittnilee–It’s not about weight gained or lost, but rather about how your body composition has changed. You might have lost weight but gained muscle, meaning you are far, far healthier than you were before, but still weigh the same. Rather than checking your scale, check your energy level–that’s where you can tell you’re really making the difference!

  9. Kim Reynolds says:

    Hey Phil, I went the cheap route and bought my Insanity dvd’s through China. They did not come with the wall calendar that tells you the order in which to do the workouts. Will you please post the order for me or shoot me the email that you sent Courtney. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much!!

  10. Phil Tucker says:

    Sorry Kim! That’s the risk you run when you buy knock-off DVD’s from China 😛

    Unfortunately, since we’re a licensed partner with Beachbody, we can’t support such pirating and send you a calendar. If you want all the goods, support Beachbody and Shaun T and buy the original package!

    PS: Hope you didn’t give them your credit card information. Those dudes are really, REALLY sketchy. If they don’t have the scruples to knock off our products, they won’t hesitate to sell your info. Keep an eye on your credit card statements!

  11. Kim Reynolds says:

    Hey Phil, It was worth a shot!! Thanks for the heads up on the credit card. Hope they can’t do the same with PayPal. Thanks again.

  12. Phil Tucker says:

    Good luck! Hope nothing bad happens, and check out the post on Piracy your comment prompted me to write up! So in a strange way, thanks for the inspiration 😉

  13. Hey I just finished Day 8 Pure Cardio and the next day it says to do the cardio circuit but theres no dvd that matched that in the set. The closest one that comes to that is plyometric cardio circuit. Do I just do the plyometric cardio circuit for day 9?

  14. Phil Tucker says:

    Yep–go for the Plyo Circuit and you’re set 😉

  15. hey if i got the nsanity and the max dvds also it was like 397.00 i have 60 full days to work out write then start all over

  16. 297.00

  17. Phil Tucker says:

    Terresa–that INSANITY program is a 60 day workout, yes. You can then mix it up and start over, or integrate it with P90X–the options are huge!

  18. Mark,

    I just finished the first week of Insanity, burning around 1,000 each day (other than recovery and fit test) and have only lost one pound. However, I went from 192 lbs and 18.3% body fat to 191 lbs and 17.9% body fat, so I’m definitely dropping fat and adding muscle. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t dropping “weight”, just think of how great you feel after each work out, take it one step at a time and when you are finished and looking back at where you were when you started you’ll see a huge difference.

    My legs have never been in this good of condition. I LOVE INSANITY!!!

  19. hey guys, im on week 3 …and i just finished my fit test. i did more reps then week 1..which im really happy about..however.. i havent lost 1 lb yet! im feeling sad.. because not only have i followed the calendar exact…but ive honestly been eating SOOOOO well. i eat 1 cup of cereal which is about 120 calories with a cup of nf milk on top which is 90 calories for breakfast.. then half a protein bar which is about 75 calories.. for lunch i eat a salad…which i measure to the point..then the other half of my protein bar…and then my dinner..which is another salad or chicken w/veggies or etc..then maybe after my workout i have a protein shake which is about 150 calories. honestly…my calories are about 1200 calories a day..if that…and the only time i eat an actual the cereal..the rest are proteins or veggies.. and i even count the carb and calories to my fruits.. i eat 2 servings of fruits..which if its a banana i eat only half cuz it has a lot of carbs. AHHHHHHHHHH im killing myself and seeing not a pound drop.,,i eat every few hrs.. to keep my metabolism up..and eating small portions…any suggestions of what i could be doing incorrectly?

  20. Phil Tucker says:

    Mel–you’re not doing ANYTHING wrong. What’s happening is that you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Ignore your weight. I know that’s hard. Instead, look in the mirror for your results. What’s happening is awesome–your body is burning fat, and building muscle. Muscle is denser than fat, so even if your figure is changing, you’re not going to see your weight go down for awhile. INSANITY is blasting the largest muscles in your body, from your glutes to your quads to your pecs and everything inbetween, and they’re all scrambling to regenerate and grow strong enough to handle the new workload.

    So answer me this: have your energy levels changed? Do you look more toned? Do your muscles feel a little fuller? I’m willing to be that they have!

    Stick to the diet. Stick to INSANITY. You’re rocking it, don’t stop now!

  21. Phil Tucker says:

    Paul, you’re a perfect case of what I mean when I talk about body recomposition. I’m glad to see that you’ve got the right mind frame about this–if you stay as determined and enthusiastic as you are now, I’ll be hearing your true success story in less than two months time! Focus, and go!

  22. I want to try insanity but haven’t worked out daily in a while. Is this too much of a work out for me? When I read the reviews it seem like all of these people have been “in shape” or at least working out daily. I’m 38, 115 lbs. I need to tone everything…not lose weight.

  23. Phil Tucker says:

    Hi shell,

    You really haven’t given me much info, so I can’t personalize my advice, but yes! People who try the Insanity workout should already be in decent shape if they want to not burn out or injure themselves.

  24. I am on day 9 of insanity. I have done P90 prior to this and definately saw more weight loss with that program. I am hoping to take the advice and not focus on weight but it is very hard! Perhaps its because on P90 you cut carbs more? Not sure…trying to stay motivated!

  25. Phil Tucker says:

    Hang in there, Katie!

    Check in on your energy levels and the way your body looks more than weight. If you’re already in great shape from P90X, you simply won’t have as much weight to drop. Or you could be now replacing more of that fat with muscle. Either way, you’re doing an awesome program that brings results. Keep going, focus on nutrition, and let me know how it goes!

  26. Kristine says:

    I just finished my second week of INSANITY. When I began I would stop 6 times just through the warm-up for water, however am down to one quick stop. The muscle I have gained in just two weeks is incredibe. I do have to lose weight as well and wonder if I should be incorporating some running to help with this. Would love any suggestions.

  27. Hi Kristine,

    Congrats on finishing your second week of Insanity! I don’t think you need to incorporate any running into the workout, but rather just stick with it, eat right, and in two months you’ll be stunned by the transformation. Remember, in just 2 week’s time you’re going to be transitioning into the MAX workouts, and if you think the first month was hard, you’ve got another thing coming 😉

    Hang in there, and good luck!

  28. Thanks Phil,

    I appreciate the reply. I guess I needed a little professional reassurance. I actually took my measurements this morning, and in just two weeks I have lost 6 inches. (3 inches on waist, 1 on hips, 1/2 inch of each thigh, and 1/2 inch off each upper arm). My husband is doing INSANITY as well and lost 4 inches in one week. We love the Nutrition book and follow it! We hope to set great examples for many others in the months to come. One by one we will get people in shape!!!! As a motivatior, and maybe this will help some others, I dedicate each workout to someone I know who I am thankful for, or someone who may be fighting a challenge right now. It helps me work harder and get through. Best of luck to all and I’ll comment again soon.

  29. Glad to hear you’re doing so well, Kristine!

    Those kinds of results are astonishing. Be sure to join our Facebook page so as to keep others there abreast of your results, and if you’re feeling like diving into the community, join my TeamBeachbody by following this link! There’s a whole world of support networks out there, and people like you can endlessly motivate others struggling to achieve the same kind of results!

  30. Glenn G says:

    Hi Phil,
    I bought the insanity program before realizing P90X was out there. I am getting married in 6 months and need to lose weight period for health reasons. I have always struggled with weight and was in really good gym shape In High school. I am 29 5’8″ and 285 lbs. When I started the program. I probably should have started something before I sanity but figured what the heck let’s do this and jump start my body. Like everyone else is saying I am following the diet and program and only lost 5 lbs. But feel great and my legs I’ve never worked out like this. I know I’m gaining muscle and burning fat. I should have measured myself but I didn’t. I will start now. I really have a ton of weight to lose and obviously within 6 mos would like to try and get to atleast the 220-240 area. Any suggestions on how to Accomplish these goals after Insanity? I always did well on losing weight with low carb diets but that seems to yoyo people. I was thinking of starting P90x but not sure if Iwill shed lbs. Of course I want to do both but I’m a muscular guy even though I’m fat and muscle memory comes back fast I really need to drop like 50 lbs. In a hurry but in a healthy way. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you for your time.


  31. Glenn:

    Sincere congratulations on this formidable challenge you’ve set yourself on. You’re going to do great, as your sober and resolute attitude show. My advice is to focus like a maniac on the nutrition plan. Really scrutinize your caloric intake, and the quality of those calories, and focus on that Insanity guide like nothing you have ever done before. Set the caloric intake so that it’s as low as it can be while still giving you enough energy to finish the workouts. Actually, in your situation, and given that your health is involved, I would heartily recommend that you ask your doctor to recommend a nutritionist for you to go through all this with and help you set your diet in the right way.

    That said! Yes, Insanity will help you lose weight like nothing before, so stick with it, watch your joints, make sure you have medical approval on every step, and please let us know how you progress! We’re all routing for you!

  32. Before I did the Insanity workouts, I did two weeks of the Brazilian Butt Lift. I am now on my second week of Insanity and am noticing a difference in my body for the first time in a long while. I also noticed my slacks are fitting snug around my thighs and butt…but that’s a good thing. I’m 43 years old, 124 lbs and 5′-1″…..toning and building muscle have never felt so good.

  33. Is this a good workout program for those ‘NOT’ wanting lose weight? I want to get back into my baseball shape (197ish lbs), lean muscle! I’m currently at 190lbs now, just got through running a 13.1 a few weeks ago. I want to now build back up muscle for a sculpted body, but feel that this program might make me lose more weight. Should I just do this, and Protein it up, and mix in weight training?

  34. Nupe:

    Losing weight is determined by how many calories are going vs. how many are going out. If you don’t want to lose weight, just eat more as you do Insanity. You’ll gain muscle, and maintain your current weight or get better.

    However, it sounds like P90X is the program for you. Have you checked it out?

  35. Kristine says:

    It’s been 22 days since my last post and I just finished my week of Core Cardio and Balance. Not only did I lose 13 pounds, I went running last night for the first time since I began Insanity and I felt like a new person. My legs had so much power and all I could think about was butt kicks. My legs wouldn’t even let me jog, they wanted to run. My breathing was 100 times better as well. I have been sleeping like a baby and feeling better. I love the nutrition guide and have gotten so used to it, that I incorporate some of the meals into family dinner. Yes even my 6 year old eats these meals. Don’t let me fool you, my husband (who is also doing Insanity) and I walk around laughing about our muscle aches. I would rather have healthy aches rather than unhealthy aches. For anyone thinking about Insanity or just starting out, stick with it. You have so much to gain!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Kristine!

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. It’s exactly these kinds of posts that put a big smile on my face. Congrats, enjoy your new levels of health and fitness, and keep going! I definitely want a report when you’re finally done, and if you’re brave enough, some before and after pics!

  37. ReefMunkee says:

    Hi, 29 y/o female. Almost 2yrs ago I lost 90lbs to join the AF but sadly I have gained 50 of it back, all due to my lack of good choices nutritionally and physically. Recently I took my 6mo PT test and failed b/c of my waist, my run wasn’t all that bad, situps and pushups the same, all needing work but my waist being the downfall. Iam looking to losing the weight back and get on a healthly lifestyle. I have been researching the INSANITY program and curious if this would benefit me? Any help and advice would be greatly appericated.

  38. Hi ReefMunkee!

    Insanity will definitely scorch away fat and improve your cardio base. It will help you develop explosive power, and really up your anaerobic and aerobic engines. However, it’s super intense on your joints. Do an honest assessment. Can your knees and ankles take 6 days/week, 2 months total of pounding? You can improve things by using excellent cross trainers and a yoga mat, but if you have any doubt, warm up with an easier workout. Take a look at Brazil Butt Lift or Power 90, and see if those appeal. Remember, fitness isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. You’re in this for life, so do it right from the get-go, and remember that Insanity will always be there waiting for you. Post back with your thoughts and self-assessment, and we’ll take it from there.

  39. ReefMunkee says:

    thanks a lot for the help. i think iam very capable to handling the phyiscal demands of the INSANITY program. i was just a little unsure of what kind of results i could expect to see b/c going into the work out i’m looking for weight loss as well fat loss so before investing in the program i wanted to make sure i was clear on what it offered. i know the phyiscal demands are going to be extreme and iam up for the challenge, i think thats what i have been lacking, the challenge. but again thank you for all ur help.

  40. I am just through the first part of my second week. It is so crazy.
    I haven’t lost weight either. Actually I have gained weight. I have noticed my breast are smaller though!

  41. LMV1120 says:

    Hi–I’m almost finished with my second week of Insanity. I haven’t noticed much of a change physically, but I was in pretty decent shape before starting out. Before Insanity I was running a lot and doing all of Jillian Michaels dvds, which aren’t easy. But then I started Insanity and it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before (including running a marathon). I LOVE IT!!!! It’s seriously intense, but I can’t get enough of it. Shaun T. is awesome and he helps push me through to the end. After I finish my workouts in the morning, I honestly can’t wait until the next day so I can do Insanity again. I feel a lot stronger already and I can’t wait to go running and see if I notice a difference. I have a feeling that I will. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend Insanity to anyone who is already in decent shape but is looking to push themselves a little (okay…ALOT) harder. It’s fabulous! I’m SO excited for Month 2, but I’m terrified at the same time!

  42. Hi LMV,

    Congrats on the ferocious start to your Insanity Workout! Keep bringing it, keep digging deeper, and be sure to lock in on that nutrition plan! Nutrition is the key to outstanding success 😉

  43. Insanity Workout Tracker says:

    I just finished week one of insanity and I haven’t seen or felt like this since training for soccer in College. Shaun T has us doing so many great agility drills it’s not even comparable to any gym routine or workout regimen. I created a blog to track my results and keep me in check. So far, so good.

  44. I have just found out about the Insanity workout and am really excited to try it. I’ve done some seriously intense working out before, but have consistently injured myself. I’ve got a flat foot and ankle and nerve damage. I am 100% committed to pushing past the pain, but i am afraid of serious long term injury. What is the best way to approach this without feeling like I am going to re injure myself?

  45. Hello, I just finished my 3er week. I was 221 and only 5.4 now and 218 but my body fat went down from 39.6 to 37.9, the most amazing change is the way how my body is melting. I was a swimmer for 11 years long time ago, and now this program change my lazy mind and body again. I do not discourage because a do not loose a lot of weight I understood since I start this program was not about that, it was about body recomposition, I did not noticed how much out shape I was until now, and I still have a longggg way to go, but I am very incourage to keep going. the only thing I been having problems is eating all the protein, it does not mater if the are natural or power I do not digest very well.
    Thanks for reading me, and I apology for my bad English : )

  46. Hey Phil,
    I am about to begin the insanity workout and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do the daily workout in the morning and then lift in the afternoon?
    Thank you in advance,

  47. Hi guys!!! I have to say that I was a little leery about starting a new workout routine, I feel like I start something and loose interest. I have just finished my first week and I cannot tell everyone how much I enjoy this, I look forward to it. It feels like I am addicted to it, it’s all I talk about think about and I can’t wait to do it!! I haven’t lost weight, which I am not worried about, I can tell already how much better I feel, and how much better my clothing fits. I really enjoy coming to your blog and reading all the encouraging comments! Everyone keep up the good workkkk!

  48. Howdy folks. I have a question for you all. I’ve read that a lot of people have lost weight through fat, but also lost some muscle mass, typically upper body muscle mass because of all the cardio and because they didn’t do the upper body weight training video. Well I want to gain some upper body muscle mass as I’m already a pretty skinny guy. Would anyone recommend doubling up the upper body strength training a couple times a week with the cardio recovery, or even substituting it with the cardio recovery completely, and doing another strength training workout on the recovery day? I just completed my 6th day by doing the upper body strength training. It was so intense though that I didn’t feel like my body could handle the plyometric cardio circuit on the same day. I need some input asap. Thank you.

  49. Hi,

    I just started insanity this week. Yesterday, I took my fit test and this morning I did the plyometric circuit training. Before insanity I use to go the gym and considered myself to be in fair shape. After today’s work out I am left feeling discouraged. I had to stop once we got to level 1 drills because I felt like I was going to throw up. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there hope that in a week of so I will be able to complete the workout?? Im 5’3″, 130lbs and looking to loose about 10 pounds, is this a good program for that?? Just looking for some advice and encouragement! Thank You

  50. Hi Lynn, yes, what you are going through is completely normal. As weeks go by you will get better at it. Taking rests is normal, and I don’t think many people (if any) can do Insanity with no breaks. The program is designed to push your limits, and it works. Keep “Digging Deep”, and you will see amazing results very soon.
    Good luck!

  51. I am on the last week for the 1st month and I haven’t lost any weight. I am 5’9 and weigh 166lbs and 18 years old. I am athletic but before the workout I weighed less. I’m assuming the weight gain is from muscle but I feel better but I am just wondering.

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