Age + Exercise: Is It Ever Too Late?

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Age and ExerciseIs it too late for you to start exercising? Is there a certain point beyond which extreme workouts are no longer possible? How do things change when you leave your 20's for your 30's? What should you know about your body so that you can best train it to maximize gains and performance? These are the kinds of questions people who treat health and fitness as a life long goal have to ask, and that people who are only in it to lose 10lbs never consider. Health and fitness is a life long passion, and today we know that exercise can not only make you feel better, but even reverse aging's effects. As such, we have to ask: how does your age affect your workout routines?

Body Gospel – The New Donna Richardson Workout

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Body Gospel The time has finally arrived. Body Gospel is to be released on May 28th, and this phenomenal workout is set to take the nation by storm. For those looking for a workout that will lift them up, energize them, tap into their passion for the Lord and help them power their desire for fitness with their faith, Body Gospel is the answer. Created by legendary Donna Richardson Joyner, Body Gospel is the latest Beachbody product that will be filled to bursting with their trademark high quality material, from Nutrition Guides to resistance bands.

What You Need to Start a New Workout Program

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Eat Sleep WorkoutPeople start new programs all the time, and people quit them just as fast. For every ten bright eyed, enthusiastic newbies ready to start their latest fitness endeavour, there are nine burnt out, hollow eyed folks who failed to go the distance. What's that one person doing right, that those nine people are failing to do? How do you line up your factors so that you're most likely to stick with your workout, and less likely to quit? If you've glanced at the banner above, you're likely to have an idea as to where I'm going, but listen up folks. Sometimes its the basics that people forget first.

Should You Use an EZ Curl Bar?

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EZ Bar CurlIf you’ve spent any time in a commercial gym, you’ll inevitably have run across weird, malformed pieces of metal that other people seem to think are normal pieces of equipment. This ranges from a host of different grips for cable exercises (strange triangles, V’s of knotted rope, knurled bars only a foot long) and barbells that seem to have been run over by strange tractors, their forms all bent and warped. What are all these bizarre devices, and should you investigate them further, learn how to use them? One in particular gets a lot of usage, and that’s the EZ Curl Bar, the warped and twisted barbell. You’ll see people doing bicep curls with them all day long. Should you?

The Principles Behind the Squat

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SquatThe squat is one of the best exercises with which to strengthen and exercise the most muscles. It can be used to develop excellent leg, glute and core strength, and requires upper body stabilization in order to prevent the barbell from sliding around. However, despite the fact that you are simply squatting down and then standing up, it can be quite a complex exercise.

Health Benefits of Yoga

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yogathumbI've recently begun to practice Vinyasa Flow yoga, going a couple of times during the week for hour and a half classes and awakening my body to its old flexibility and strength. Given how great I've been feeling every time I leave class, I've been wondering of late what the actual health benefits are. Some quick research has revealed a host of them, and as you may have guessed, I'm going to share them here. Perhaps this post will alert those who have not taken a yoga class as to unexpected benefits, or simply confirm that what current practitioners already know, but either way, I hope you find it as fascinating an array as I do!

How To Do A Pull Up

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Pull Up Chin UpThere are certain standard exercises that are classics. The push-up, the crunch, the chin-up. Each one has been performed and perfected for years, and is abandoned for the latest fad and then returned to when wisdom prevails. Each requires no piece of fancy equipment, and relies instead on gravity and your body weight. Today let’s take a closer look at the chin-up, and ask a few basic questions. Why do them? What are the benefits? What do you do if you can’t even do one? Is there a way to perfect your form, and what common mistakes should you be looking out for?

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