Everybody is talking about P90X. From mom’s in supermarket aisles to the local fitness trainers, from folks watching late night TV to the latest chatter on the internet as people discover ever more success stories. P90X is without a doubt the most successful at-home workout in the country, selling millions of copies and followed scrupulously by people everywhere. From celebrities like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner to quarterbacks and NBA players, P90X has become ubiquitous in our culture. Odds are you’re ready to give it a shot, but if so, what do you need to maximize your gains and ensure you have the best returns possible?

Perhaps the most important piece of P90X equipment you will need is the P90X chin up bar. Tony Horton absolute LOVES pull ups, and throughout the workouts you will perform a wide variety of chin ups, pull ups, corn cobs, wide grip, narrow grip, reverse grip, towel grip, everything grip kind of pull up you can imagine. Now, most standard pull up bars simply don’t have the versatility and necessary strength to perform such a wide variety of pull ups, but the P90X pull up bar was specifically designed with these varieties in mind. Do you need to do all these different variations? Only if you want to blast your muscles from every angle the P90X way. So the short answer is: yes.

Next you will want to consider the P90X power stands. The exercise that Tony loves second after the pull ups are push ups, and boy oh boy are there a ton of push ups in these workouts. From standard to military, from incline to traveling, from dive bombers to staggered and to every other variation possible, you will be busting out push ups till your chest is ripped and you can see the individual muscle striations. To perform these many push ups and not hurt your wrists it’s advised that you get the specially designed power stands which will help you not only prevent injury, but go deeper into each push up so as to maximize your results. Priceless!

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