We all want to get in shape, and a large majority of us want to do so in the convenience and privacy of our own home. Whether it’s because we don’t like working out before crowds, don’t like being distracted when exercising, don’t have a gym close by or hate the commute, many of us understand the appeal of being able to workout in your own home with your own music blasting and want to get started right away. But which workout should you choose? How to decide where to begin?

There are two crucial things you have to do before getting started. The first is to understand the source of your motivation, and to discover whether it’s the right kind that will guarantee success. The second is to be honest with yourself, and understand that your rate of progress will reflect both your dedication and your current physical condition.

Let’s discuss the first. There are as many different sources of motivation under the sun as there are apples. Some people want to get in shape for a wedding three months off; others want to be able to fit into a pair of pants; others want to be able to play with their kids, or simply take care of their health. Some of these sources of motivation are finite, and upon completing your goal—going to the wedding, fitting into the pants—will be lost, ensuring that you spiral back to where you started from. Others are long term, such as playing with your kids, and will sustain you for much longer. So take a look at what your motivation is, and remember: getting healthy is a long term marathon, not a short term sprint.

Then you have to be honest with yourself. We all want the extreme body transformation in 3 months, going from couch potato to Greek god in zero seconds flat. But what have you been up to these past few months or years? Are you in decent shape? How strong are your joints? Are you accustomed to a rigorous, punishing routine, or do you tend to quit things after three weeks? Be honest with yourself, and depending on your level of self knowledge, you may opt for a more difficult workout like the Insanity Workout or PX90, or start off with something easier that you plan to graduate from such as Slim in 6 or Body Gospel.

Once you’ve understood your source of motivation and assessed your current physical condition, all that’s left is for you to purchase the right workout and get started. Remember: be honest, think long term, and you’ll be guaranteed results.