We’ve much to be grateful for here at Extreme Fitness Results, and it’s only fitting that we share our gratitude with you, our readers and customers. Two years ago we weren’t even around selling the Insanity Workout or PX90; our members were scattered around the country, working other jobs, united in only one thing: a common desire to work somewhere meaningful, to do something that mattered, to be part of a larger vision that contributed toward the whole.

Today, two years down the road, we’re a tight knit and ever growing team, working harder than we ever thought possible to bring health and fitness to an ever expanding audience, to raise awareness about obesity trends and the growth in diabetes, to help people realize goals that they had long since abandoned. Today, we here at Extreme Fitness Results are at the forefront of the health and fitness wave, led by Beachbody and part of Carl Daikeler’s view, his goal, his desire to change the decline in health across the country, one person at a time.

We’d also love to thank you, our readers and customers, for taking part in this journey with us. Tens of thousands of you have decided and committed to change, have stepped up to the plate and purchased a fitness program, have decided to take control of your lives and your waist line and said that no, you do not want to be a statistic, you do not want to be tired, overweight, stressed and ill. You want to be vibrant, healthy, energetic, filled with strength and vitality and that you want to live long, healthy lives.

So today on Thanksgiving we want to give thanks not only to Beachbody and Carl Daikeler, but also to you, our customers who are making this voyage real, who are partaking in this impossible dream with us, and helping us help the rest of the nation, one person at a time.