Hey everybody,

This is less of an official blog post and more of a letter to you all since I’m still on the road. I hit the airport in about two hours, arrive back in Miami tonight, and tomorrow will resume regular duties here at the blog, from responding to comments to putting up fresh content.

I’m going to put up a proper post tomorrow, but I just wanted to touch base and report some of the highlights of the trip. They included working out with over 700 people as the Beachbody celebrity trainers (from Tony Horton to Shaun T!) led us through almost two hours of insane exercises. Our own Pablo Bressan was celebrated for being the top producer of 2009. We met so many wonderful people I can’t even begin to list them here, and learned so much about not only what products are going to be released over the next few months and year, but also reaffirmed what this business is all about.

That was the biggest take away. Renewing our enthusiasm, motivation, and belief in what we do, in what Beachbody does. It’s easy to get lost in the details, but this weekend helped us pull back and appreciate again the big picture. What Beachbody, and we here at Extreme Fitness, are all about. It’s about fighting the growing trend in obesity in America. It’s about encouraging people to take control of their lives through exercise and healthy eating, and fight depression, weight gain, diabetes, hopelessness and everything else that comes with losing control of your life. It’s about the people. It’s about friends, family and all the people we’ve yet to meet whom will become close to us.

We’ve been energized, re-invigorated and pumped up by the Summit, and tomorrow I’ll write a proper post letting you guys know more about what we learned and why we’re so excited. Why we know that 2010 is going to blow 2009 out of the water, and what a ride it’s going to be. Come back to learn more, and hang in their guys. Beachbody and Extreme Fitness Results are just getting started!