We’re kicking off a new feature here at the Extreme Fitness Results Blog, where we’ll link you guys to the best out there on the web. Now, there are hundreds upon thousands of amazing articles, ideas, suggestions and comments being made every day, so this is of course just a dip in the bucket, but for my money, each of these links is worth clicking on 😉

First off is Vin Miller of NaturalBias fame’s analysis of chocolate. I’ve got a weakness for chocolate, and his analysis of both its health benefits and drawbacks was an eye opener. Go take a look before you bite into another bar!

How much is too much? Mark Sisson of the always engrossing Mark’s Daily Apple considers the healthy intake limits on things such as nuts, eggs, sprinting and more. Wondering if you’re drinking too much coffee? Go check out this post.

If you guys aren’t reading Lyle McDonald, then shame on you. The guy is an authority on exercise and fitness, and a lot of what I know I learned at his knee. This week he discusses overtraining–something many P90X’ers and Insanity goers risk if they don’t taper between workouts or push too hard. Well worth the look.

Via Yum Yucky we get this video of a man cleaning a car battery with Coca Cola. If that doesn’t make you think twice about pouring that stuff down your gullet, nothing will.

Want a success story to inspire you? Go check out the hilarious Jack Sh*t–his little home made power point display + stunning results will have you re-energized.

Finally, how to clear your life of non-essential tasks advice from Zen Habits. This guy understands the importance of simplicity and serenity, and reading this post is a great place to start uncluttering and destressing your life.

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