Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire: High Intensity Interval Training

Turbo FireTurbo Fire – Chalene Johnson’s new extreme workout will build upon the incredible success of her Turbo Jam program and kick things up to the next level. Out now, it’s being billed as being as tough a DVD Workout as INSANITY, and featuring a potent combination of intense kickboxing cardio with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Turbo Jam took the world by storm, and has become an incredibly popular program, drawing packed crowds at gyms where instructors are trained and licensed to teach it. Where Turbo Jam leaves off, Turbo Fire kicks in, and is a program for the seasoned grads of Turbo Jam who are ready to really bring on the burn! Read a review of the official 15 Minute HIIT Workout here.

How does Turbo Fire Work?

Turbo FireWhat’s really exciting and intense about the Turbo Fire workout is the inclusion of HIIT workouts. These are an extreme form of interval training, and when performed for a short duration (say under two months), can bring startling results. A HIIT workout is basically a set of repeated bouts of short duration and maximum intensity workouts. So think sprinting as hard as you can for twenty seconds, resting for twenty seconds, and then sprinting as hard as you can again for another twenty. Do that for four or five minutes, and you’ve just performed a HIIT workout. Sound easy? Try it. You’ll be gasping like a fish and feeling you’re about to have a heart attack by the end of it! The best part about HIIT is that it ignites a post-workout fat burning phenomenon known as the Afterburn Effect, which allows you to continue burning fat for a full 24 to 48 hours after your workout.

Who is Chalene Johnson?

Turbo FireChalene Johnson has been in the fitness industry for over fifteen years, first gaining attention in 1997 when her Turbo Kick program began to gain traction with instructors and gyms everywhere. Blending her passion for kickboxing, cardio and dance, she created a workout that blended the sexiness of dance, the power of kickboxing and the health benefits of hardcore cardio. Turbo Kick took off, and in 1998 she created Powder Blue Productions, her own company through which she began to teach instructors how to give Turbo Kick classes. Today there are over 35,000 licensed instructors in Turbo Kick, and it’s taught in such powerhouse gyms as 24 Hour Fitness. Turbo Jam followed Turbo Kick, and when she partnered with Beachbody, her Turbo Jam workout infomercial became #1 in 2006. Followed by legions of devoted followers, carefully balancing her role as mother, community service volunteer and national fitness icon, Chalene’s new program is going to rock the fitness community when it’s released, so watch this blog for more information as it’s released! deawna Deawna H. Lost 45 Lbs. Lost 48.5″ Total “This truly is a workout that’s so much fun, you forget you’re exercising.” Turbo Fire