Everybody is always saying you should work out. Get in shape. Run around in circles, or in the same place, lift heavy pieces of metal, sweat sweat sweat. Swim laps in the pool, or throw balls through hoops, or do some more running, or lift some more heavy pieces of metal. But why? People, let’s be honest. All that exercise is hard. It takes work. And then you have to shower afterward. Is it really worth the bother? I’m not convinced–so here are the top 6 reasons to be lazy, as seen by me, on this Friday, when I am feeling a little loopy. Here we go!

1) You feel more tired instead of less tired after working out.

I always thought the point of doing exercise like was to feel energetic and upbeat. Instead, after a grueling Body Gospel workout, all I want to do is fall in bed and go to sleep. Or lie on the couch and watch TV. In fact, working out only makes me want to do the lazy-related stuff even more. However, when I don’t workout? I have much more energy, and often will even step outside. So. Point made.

2) You get sweaty and stinky, forcing you to take showers way too often.

Ok, people have always told me that washing your hair too often is bad for it. However, if you’re constantly doing Slim in 6 workouts, you’re going to be showering about twice a day. I like to shower when I wake up, because I don’t really wake up unless I shower. Then, later in the day, sweat and stink, post-exercise mandatory shower. BUt that’s twice a day, people! That’s a lot of water, it’s bad for the environment, and bad for my hair (apparently). So less working out=good!

3) People who work out tend to be stressed and hyper.

You noticed that? They never seem able to chill, to sit still, to relax. Always on the go, big smiles, high pitched voices, gabbing on about their workouts, going to the tanning salon, getting their teeth whitened, going for just one more run, bouncing, fidgeting, stressed out. In a word, annoying, whereas people who don’t work out tend to be much more relaxed. And we know stress is bad for you, so. Chill out, workout people!

4) Working out takes too much time.

Ok, so say your average workout is about an hour. And you need another half hour to get to the gym, and then another to get back. And then another half hour to get showered and dressed. That’s about 2.5 hours PER DAY of working out. Do that five times a week? That’s almost 13 hours a week you’re just working out. Most people get out of work around 6 – what are they supposed to do, workout, eat dinner, and then go straight to bed? No way!

5) You Can’t Stay Up Late Anymore

You’re going to need at least 8 hours of sleep if you’re working out a lot. And that means no more late nights, no more going out dancing, no more staying up reading great books, no more fun and crazy life style. Instead, it’s clock work time, out and asleep by 11 every single night. And probably on weekends too! Soon, you’ll just be focused on being healthy, and gone will be the fun and madness of your youth.

6) You can’t eat anymore

Or more accurately, you can’t eat or drink fun stuff anymore. It’s all going to end up being grilled chicken breast, quinoa, Shakeology, whole grains, veggies, fruits and nuts. You’ll give up chocolate, gin and tonics, pizzas, hot dogs, burgers, everything and anything that was ever fun to eat! Ok, maybe not at first, but you know it’s a slippery slope.