P90X Workout

P90X is seen as the ultimate challenge. 90 days of almost ridiculously hard exercise, endless hours of brutal workouts that push you to your limits and then challenge you to go one further. If you do what Tony Horton says, if you eat right, sleep right, and break through your barriers to reach that 90 day mark, then congratulations. You’ve proved yourself to be Extreme. But the question then becomes–now what?

One of the easiest responses is to go back and do it again. P90X comes with alternative workout calendars for those who want to repeat the program, from the P90X Doubles plan for those who want to add more cardio, or P90X Lean, for those who want to focus on losing body mass at some slight sacrifice of strength and speed. Most people find that, having gone through the workout once, they know what worked for them and what didn’t, and will devise their own workout strategy so that they can hit the areas they need to work on, and ease off on the areas that didn’t seem as necessary.

An increasingly popular method of repeating your P90X experience is to combine select workouts from Shaun T’s INSANITY Workout, replacing Cardio X, Plyo X and Kenpo with workouts such as Insanity’s Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, & Max Cardio Conditioning. These allow P90X grads to not only challenge themselves with more intense aerobic and anaerobic work, but to also vary their workouts so as to maintain peak interest.

But say you want to take it to the next level. That’s where Tony Horton’s P90X Plus comes in. With 4 new DVD’s full of truly devastating workouts, P90X Plus is for hardcore grads of the original program who think they’re ready for the ultimate challenge. These 4 DVD’s can be spliced into your regular P90X workout, and you can think of them as bombs, lying in wait for you to reach their day so that they can go off and destroy you.

Or you can switch over to another extreme program like Shaun T’s, INSANITY Workout, the cardio equivelent of P90X that will target and attack your body from a completely different angle, with a philosophy that will have you working out at near your lactate threshold for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 60 days of insane intensity will take your P90X results and shred them, stripping off any fat you may have left while revving up your cardio engine.

Finally, you can take it to One on One with Tony Horton. In the most exciting Beachbody development yet, Tony Horton is now releasing a new workout DVD every month wherein he works out in his home gym with a camera man, with no cuts, no edits, just raw, live footage of the man himself taking you through extreme workout after extreme workout. This is Tony at his most real, at his craziest and extreme, so if you think you’re done with the P90X program, if you think you’ve mastered everything Tony’s been able to throw your way, then you need to step up and go One on One with the master himself.

P90X Workout