Will Lifting Weights Make Women Bulk Up?

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Female MuscleOne of the questions I receive the most often in regards to P90X, or just weight lifting in general, is whether or not it will cause women to 'bulk' up, and suddenly develop large, unsightly muscles. There seems to be a real concern that picking up a free weight will cause veins to writhe into view across your biceps like earthworms, will cause your shoulders to broaden, your voice to deepen, your back to grow huge and your legs turn into tree trunks. For some reason, many women fear this and so stick to low impact cardio and the machines in the gym, endlessly repeating the same workouts while eying the squat cage with fear. So let's take a look at this a little closer. Will lifting weights make women bulk up?

5 Ways To Get Stronger NOW

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strongthumbWe all know that in order to develop your strength, you have to put in time, energy and dedication. It's a long term project, something you develop over years, and there are no quick fixes, no short cuts, no cheats or easy ways out that don't involve chemicals. Or is that true? Here are a bunch of tips to help you get an edge on your next lift, to help you stack everything in your favor, and push you to the next level!

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How To Do Bicep Curls Right

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Bicep CurlsThe biceps are widely regarded by serious weight lifters as ‘vanity’ muscles, since relative to the other muscles in the body they perform a very specific and limited job. Other muscles such as the hamstrings, deltoids, lats or glutes are used extensively in compound exercises, but biceps are almost incidental to such major exercises such as the squat or dead lift, and get plenty of exercise when done in a power clean or bench press. However, across the world, hundreds of thousands of people focus on the biceps, curling away like mad before mirrors, seeking to gain bulging biceps like Arnold Schwarznegger. Since everybody insists on doing this exercise despite its limited benefits to strength, power, or explosiveness, it’s at least worth trying to do correctly.

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