Body Gospel – The New Donna Richardson Workout

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Body Gospel The time has finally arrived. Body Gospel is to be released on May 28th, and this phenomenal workout is set to take the nation by storm. For those looking for a workout that will lift them up, energize them, tap into their passion for the Lord and help them power their desire for fitness with their faith, Body Gospel is the answer. Created by legendary Donna Richardson Joyner, Body Gospel is the latest Beachbody product that will be filled to bursting with their trademark high quality material, from Nutrition Guides to resistance bands.

Body Gospel – The New Donna Richardson Workout

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Body Gospel WorkoutSlated to be released this summer, Beachbody has teamed up with famed fitness trainer Donna Richardson Joyner to produce Body Gospel, a Christian Workout that aims to fuel exercise with the power of faith. The goal is to make you a better steward of your temple by becoming more physically active, helping you eat healthier, lose weight and enjoy yourself in the process. Anybody who has been to a church that sings, dances and praises the Lord together knows what energy can be created, how joyful people can get, and how much fun they can have even while they dance and clap and sing. Gospel Body seeks to take that energy, that drive, that joy, and combine it with tough, fun workouts that will help you shed those pounds and let your inner beauty shine.

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