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A Quick Shakeology Review

The Shakeology meal replacement shake has taken the world by storm, fortified as it is by an incredible and proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more. It is equal to going to the salad bar six times, and when taken once a day will do wonders to help balance all your nutritional needs. Designed by experts with the desire to create a product they could stand behind with pride and integrity, Shakeology is a wealth of nutrition that everybody should be including in their diet.

Why Drink Shakeology?

In an ideal world we would all consume the right amount and balance of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and so on. We would eat all our correct portions of fruit and veggies, would eat them fresh and right off the vine, and would get such a wide array of nutritious foods that we would have perfectly balanced and strong immune, digestive and every other system you can think of.

However, the truth is that today we rarely have time to eat as we should. We skip meals, we eat fast food, we eat fruits and vegetables that are not only off season but no longer fresh. Shakeology aims to correct those omissions by providing us with a meal replacement shake that contains everything you need to replenish your system and feel vital and healthy once more.

What Comes in a Glass of Shakeology?

1 serving of Shakeology is 1 scoop (48g). This scoop contains 140 calories, 17g of carbs, 17 g of protein and a host of other benefits. It is low glycemic, has no caffeine, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.Here is a chart of the ingredients to be found in a glass of Shakeology–there are simply so many we can’t list them all.

Is Shakeology For You?

If you find yourself low on energy, if you find yourself constantly catching colds or getting sick, skipping meals or not getting enough vegetable and fruit in your diet, if you’re run down, overweight, tired and burned out, than YES, Shakeology could be for you! This full meal-replacement packs so much goodness in just one cup that by switching out a normal meal for a glass you not only lose weight, but do so in a healthy manner, super charging your system with all the goodness your body needs. So take a shot at it–treat your body to the best meal of the day!