Secrets to Flat Abs

This is Shaun T’s introductory workout, where he breaks down the secrets to his workout. He introduces you to the secrets of Tilt, Tuck and Tighten, the tricks behind his exercise secrets. These principles run through his entire workout. Click here to read more.

Fat Burning Cardio

This 30 minute cardio burn is going to make you move and dance like you never have before. I hope you’re ready, because Shaun T is going to show you that dance and hip hop can be some of the toughest cardio workouts around! Click here to read more.

Ab Sculpt

Are you guys ready to go? Kick this workout with the warm up. You want to move and burn as hard as you can here because you need to get your body temp warmed up. Work those arms, side step, and follow Shaun’s groove as he goes. Click here to read more.

Total Body Burn

This 41 minute workout requires that you really focus and get busy. You need to take the warm up seriously, and really raise your body temperature. Get into the groove, follow the beat, and do as Shaun T does!
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Hip, Buns and Thighs

Are you ready to work it out? Start with the warm up. Simple, easy, but essential to warming up your body. You’re going to be using your knees and hips a lot, so focus on those joints.
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Learn To Dance

This is not your regular workout. This is the real deal, burning calories while learning moves, learning grooves, and getting in shape. There are no traditional cardio moves, just moves in time with the beat, the kind of combinations that you can bust out on the dance floor and look like a coordinated master of hip hop
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Last Minute Abs

Here you go, a five minute ab madness workout! This is fast and furious, so prepare to burn. You’re going to kick it right off, no break, working through a variety of standing techniques. Seriously people, this is going to brun!
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