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teathumbTea time is not only a delightful and civilized ceremony (ask anybody from England, India, China, Japan or any other number of places) but a way to keep your teeth health, prevent dental caries, perhaps aid in weight loss, prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. So set that Coke aside, brew yourself a pot, and kick back and enjoy yourself a cuppa!

Backyard Garden, a Few Days In

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thumb2A few days ago we tore up the backyard, stripped the earth of the weedy grass and lay down fertilizer soil in which to plant a number of vegetables. Peppers, arugula, corn, chard and more, we planted them in rows or set the young seedlings into the soil, watered them and then began to wait. And, coming in this morning, we're thrilled to see how much life had sprouted in the dark earth. From thousands of delicate, tendril like shoots of arugula to slender spikes of baby green corn, our veggies had been to grow and reach for the sun. I took the opportunity to snap off a series of shots, and we'll keep you posted here as to how our garden continues to grow, and what difficulties and challenges we run into. So far, however (I don't want to jinx us), so good!

Planting a Backyard Garden

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Backyard GardenHere at Extreme Fitness Results we're dedicated to living as healthy a life style as possible. That involves eating well, exercising, and getting our sleep (surprisingly tricky). Given how hard it can be to find healthy, nutritious food, we decided to turn the backyard behind our office into a vegetable garden, and after some discussion, got to work digging and planting. It's surprising how rewarding and satisfying it can be to dig your hands into the dirt and tear up roots and weeds, how good it can feel to just plop seeds into little holes you've shaped with your fingers. The brains behind the operation was Esteban Bressan, our CEO and a man with 8 years of experience as a professional agronomist out in California, where he worked with organic foods and oversaw industrial sized projects. So, after we'd washed the dirt from our hands and had a glass of water, I sat down with him to ask a couple of basic questions.

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