Welcome, everybody!

As you can see, Extreme Fitness Results has made a huge leap, and expanded what we offer here on the blog. No longer are we just a site containing blog posts and informative reviews; we’re making the jump into being a fitness & health community portal.

What do we now offer?

Over the past year that we’ve run this blog we’ve come across many people who not only have questions about the workouts,  health and nutrition, but are looking for support, motivation, and a sense of community in their journey toward fitness. We aim to create a corner of the web where those things are offered, by both our staff members and by other community members, and it’s our hope that you will join us in making this effort a reality.

Our new resources range from our Groups and Forums to the ability to connect directly with other Members to an Article Gallery where hundreds of articles written by our health and nutrition specialists will offer a wealth of information for free.


To get started you should register as a member. This process is easy and simple to do, and opens up our other resources for your usage. We encourage you to upload a picture of yourself, to enter information so that other Members can seek you out and invite you to join their groups, and use your Member page as a place to both indicate your current fitness goals and where you can celebrate your victories!


One of our most exciting new features is your ability to create a Group around any goal, topic or exercise routine you desire. Looking to band up with friends across the country in an attempt to finish the Insanity Workout? Form an Insanity Workout group! Looking to lose weight? Find other people interested in dieting, and support and motivate each other as you seek to drop pounds. Simple join a Group that deals with something you are interested, or start your own! Click here to get started now!


We are in the process of building a universal forum, but for now you can create forum threads within any Group you belong to, and answer in kind. This will allow conversations to flourish beyond what they were able to do in the previous comment threads in the old blog, allowing for discussion and growth.


We are also in the process of downloading hundreds of unique articles that our staff has written over the years, from tips and advice on how to survive the Insanity Workout to general nutrition, exercise and motivational material. This library will contain a wealth of information that you need only browse to benefit from.


We will continue to roll out new blog posts each week, with topics ranging from the details of the Insanity Workout to general health and fitness. Come back frequently to read this new content!

So there you have it, folks. Our blog is ramping up into a 2.0 version, with lots of features that we plan to grow and develop as our community does the same. We’re excited you’re here with us at the beginning of this journey, and hope to hear from you with both suggestions and comments!

– The Extreme Fitness Results Team