How did Friday creep up on us so fast? This week it was like a tiger in the high grass, out of sight until it pounced out of no where. Well, consequently here are our Friday links, lovingly posted so as to not only guide you guys to the best of the web, but to also give respect to the people out there crafting high quality material for the rest of us to read. So click on over, and enjoy!

Let’s kick it off with one of my favorite sites: Zen Habits. This week we get an excellent article scrutinizing how we use our time and money as a nation, and get asked to prioritize our activities and take control of our lives. What better message could you ask for?

Now, one of the questions I get asked the most is how to lose weight gained during a pregnancy. So many women were fit and in great shape up until they had two or three kids back to back in the span of a couple of years, so this post is going to be of high interest to them: over at Diets in Review, they take a look at 10 Exercises to Lose the Baby Weight. Go check it out!

Definitely check out this next article if you want to scorch body fat right off your body. Martin Berkhan lays down the law over the Fitness Black Book, explaining how he keeps 5.5% body fat YEAR ROUND. Don’t tell me it’s impossible–rather, go over there and read his guest post. Crazy.

Love dancing? You should. The inestimable Mark Sission waxes eloquent about the health benefits over at Mark’s Daily Apple. Go learn why it’s so fun and so good for you!

And let’s round off the post with some Jack Sh*t Getting Fit humor. Doesn’t get much better on a Friday 😉