Another Friday, and another batch of incredible posts from around the web. You’re going to start seeing that I post stuff from a bunch of usual suspects, blogs that I go to regularly in order to catch some enlightenment, learn some new tricks or simply enjoy that blogger’s sense of humor. Here’s what particularly caught my eye this week.

Over at the zen of doing, Leo Babauta expands on the philosophy of simply ‘doing’, being, of being fully present in everything you do. It’s beautifully written, so I won’t try to summarize. Go over there, and be inspired!

My friend Jody tackles a tough subject at, asking when our goal to lose weight becomes to excessive. Many people love the intensity, the extreme nature of the Insanity Workout and P90X, but when does it all become too much?

Via Robb Wolf comes this amazing video of Ido Portal’s, where he demonstrates incredible strength, flexibility and balance:

And last but not least, Mark Sisson of the Awesome Daily Apple gives us the lowdown on Bacon. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay, and you’d best get your facts straight.