Today we sit down with Fernanda Bressan, an Independent Beachbody Coach and part of the Extreme Fitness Results team that recently went out to Hawaii as part of the Beachbody Top Coach Annual Trip. We asked her about the experience, the people she met, and what it was like to take a class live from Tony Horton, and here’s what she had to say:

1) Can you tell us a little about the event you attended? Why was it thrown, and why Hawaii?

The event was the top coach annual trip. It was in Kauai. The very first top coach trip (I think 3 years ago) was in Kauai. There is a long standing relationship between team Beachbody/ Carl Daikeler and Hawaii. Each year, Beachbody honors and invites each region’s top coaches for each season, and the overall top top coach (this year Pablo Bressan) on an all expenses paid trip to celebrate, learn, workout w/ a “celebrity” trainer and meet other top coaches and their guests/families. In addition, team Beachbody / Product Partner’s staff are often included to allow for a hands on and face to face interaction between successful coaches and team leaders and key players at corporate.

2) Why were you invited? What did it mean to be asked to attend?

Pablo having won Top Coach ’09 was a true honor. I was not only proud of him, but of myself and our team for having worked so well together and for having accomplished such an amazing feat.

3) What was it like to meet some of the iconic Beachbody figures, like Carl/Tony Horton, etc?

Having had the privilege to meet Carl, owner/founder of team Beachbody, made me better understand the meaning of this company. Not only is he a visionary with amazing ideas about how to grow team Beachbody from a business standpoint, but more importantly, he truly set out to help others (physically & financially) with the ultimate goal being that together the network of Coaches we are creating will help end the trend of obesity in this country. It was truly inspiring. In addition, I learned about how dedicated his wife is and how she spent a few years w/ doctors/formulators to develop Shakeology. She had been ill (I don’t know the specifics) and also wanting Carl who doesn’t like veggies to get the best nutrition/vitamins everyday she dedicated herself to helping develop the formulas.

Meeting Tony of P90X fame was great. I had briefly met him in Vegas at a large opportunity event when we first learned about BB, but I had no personal interaction. This time, I got to experience his energy and humor first hand. We had an incredible first day of Yoga X outside Oceanside in the rain, which ended w/ sun and a slight rainbow. Pablo and I missed Plyo legs bc of Carl’s interview but did get to do Cardio w/ Tony. He is incredibly insightful, honest and inspiring to all. He spoke at one of our brain storming breakfasts and shared a moving personal story while getting everyone’s attention about their health, wellness and aging. The “off-camera” time w/ Tony and chatting informally was what really did it for me. I felt like we were able to grasp the importance of why he does what he does, and see that he not only walks the walk, he lives the talk! It got me to finally commit to a complete p90x 90 day program (and I just finished week 1)!

4) Did you learn anything that you’d be willing to share with the public about upcoming stuff/business tricks/etc?

We learned something from everyone we met. It really surprised me how amazing the entire group was. I knew very few people going in, and left with a bunch of friends! I learned that everyone has a unique way of approaching the business opportunity and an individual manner to approach helping others/coaching. By listening to all the ideas and even hearing about trial and errors, I was again inspired to really continue on my path and keep growing my team. I was especially happy to see that others, like us, have really benefited from the Game Plan and third party tools. I am looking forward to sharing the excitement and energy from Kauai with my team when we all head to CA for SUMMIT 2010!

5) What else did you do in Hawaii that was particularly fun?

The trip was not all work and no play. I think that one of the best aspects of the entire week was how we were able to interact and meet others in an informal setting while doing so many fun things. We hiked along the Napali coast on a mud-laden trail and despite the rocks, mud and slight slip & falls, we had the most amazing 4 miles hike along the cliff’s edge with sparkling turquoise waters below. We rode horses thru thick and thin ending with a hike to a beautiful waterfall where we ate healthy wraps before hiking back and rock climbing back to our horses. And one of the highlights was taking surfing lessons in the gorgeous (and cold) Hawaiian waters while Carl paddle surfed nearby. The local instructors were fun and super helpful, making sure all out there had a good time and caught waves!