Let it not be said that EFR is behind the times. With our blog up and booming, we’ve decided that it was time to take the next step and create a Twitter account. Yes, I know, I know, people have been tweeting for ages and ages now, but one of the core philosophies here at EFR is to take one step at a time, and make sure that each goal is accomplished before looking beyond to the next. Could we have started Tweeting before? Of course! But now we have a strong blog platform, and we’re going to pour our energies into developing the rest of our social media options.

You can follow us at ExtrFitResults, and I’m glad to say that in the last couple of days we have already accrued some 300 followers. The experience has been really fun–people tend to be very friendly, and I’ve read some hilarious tweets already as well as some really motivating ones. Clearly there’s an active, burgeoning Twitter fitness community, and with top Beachbody coaches tweeting their day to day updates, it’s fascinating to follow.

How did I pick whom to follow? Easy. I just located the top Beachbody coaches like Shaun T and Tony Horton and checked out their followers. And sure enough, the people I found there were dedicated, hard working, upbeat and positive. If you want a list of healthy and fun, deep yet hilarious fitness fanatics, look no further than the people I’ve followed. I’ve already lost hours just reading their updates, and I bet you will too. Each week I’m going to save my favorite tweets and post them here in a Twitter blog post roundup, linking to their authors, so check back to see the best of the week each Friday 😉

Why follow EFR’s tweets? First, we link to original content that we publish not just here on the blog but on the web as well, so if the following kind of articles are of interest to you, following us on Twitter would keep you abreast of the likes of these:

So, hunt us down, and keep track of the latest developments on the INSANITY workout, P90X, general health and fitness tips, and also feel free to ask us any question you might have via Direct Message!