Losing weight can be incredibly hard, but the how of it shouldn’t be a mystery. There is no question that changing your habits can be an incredible challenge, and sticking to them can be even more difficult than the original decision to change. However, the means of doing so, and what those new habits should be, are well established, basic and simple. Here we’ll list the top six changes you should effect if you’re serious about losing weight, the top new habits you should acquire to ensure that your goals are met successfully.

Eat Breakfast

People think that by eating less, they’ll lose weight. And that’s true–if you consume less calories than you spend, than you will indeed lose weight. But look at that wording–‘than you spend’. How you spend your calories is dependent on your metabolism and activity level, amongst other more subtle factors. Eating breakfast, while increasing your caloric intake, helps wake up your metabolism and get your system going. It will help your fat-burning engine get started, and will help stave off the kind of hunger that leads to your binging or eating unhealthy food later in the day.

Start Cooking
Boo, hiss, I can hear you now. But yes–cooking is one of the key ways to lose weight. Everybody knows this, but still they order out, or buy frozen meals, or go out to eat. Get a grip, people! This is where you’re most likely to let your laziness defeat you. Cooking your own food allows you to control exactly what you eat, and helps you eliminate all the unhealthy additives, preservatives and other noxious chemicals that are dumped into our food today. Don’t know how to cook? No excuse. Get a beginner’s cook book. But take control of what you eat!

Remember Your Motivation

If you were prompted to lose weight because suddenly you couldn’t fit into your jeans anymore, or were told you needed to purchase two seats on an airplane, or being warned by your doctor that you were at serious risk of dying due to your weight, then treasure those moments. They are what you will use as your touchstones to stay motivated on your goal. Nail those pants to the wall, or carry that medical bill or those plane ticket receipts around in your wallet. Look really hard at them before ordering that cheese stuffed crust, meat-lover’s extra large pizza. Keep your rock-bottom fresh in your mind at all, and it will spur you to stick to your plans.

Use Your TiVo

Mindless channel surfing will eat up your life. If you sit on that couch browsing shows, jumping from station to station, then not only will you be on your rear end for hour at a time, but you will also be eating up all the hours of your day. By recording your shows, you liberate yourself to have time to cook, to exercise, to go outside, to see friends. The more TV you watch, the fatter you’ll be. Cut back!

Diet AND Workout

Another piece of advice that should be obvious but unfortunately isn’t. Just as people misguidedly try to gain muscle and get ripped by only lifting weights,  people try to lose weight by only dieting. Doesn’t work that way, both have to go hand in hand for success. Remember, your body will reflect your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight and look athletic, then you have to be athletic. Lifting weights or doing the Brazil Butt Lift will burn more fat than anything else. Serious about dropping pounds? Then do squats. Get active!

Keep Track of Your Numbers

Losing weight is something that requires more of a mindset than anything else. And one of the best ways to stay on top of your mental game is to stay on top of your numbers: you current weight, you caloric intake, your body fat percentage, how many Chalean Extreme workouts you’ve done, and so forth. Keep track of your numbers, and you’ll be much less likely to let yourself slide.