High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn SyrupIn 1977, a series of tariffs and quotas imposed by the United States on the importation of cane sugar caused sugar prices to rise and US producers to seek another source of sweetener. Simultaneously, farm subsidies sponsored by the US Government ensured that the price of corn dropped, resulting in a huge incentive for those same producers to use high-fructose corn syrup, an artificially derived product that was vastly cheaper than table sugar. Coincidentally, obesity rates began to rise precipitously over the course of the last three decades, with about 59 million Americans now reportedly obese, which is classified as 30lbs or more over their healthy weight. Statistics show that if this trend continues, 2 in 5 Americans will be obese within the next five years.

What Are Super Greens?

Super GreenWhy is everybody so excited about Super Greens? What are Super Greens, and just why are they so super? If you’re like me, you’ve probably occasionally strayed into the supplement aisle (aisles) of a Whole Foods store or the like, and seen endless bottles and boxes and tubs of all sorts of enigmatic and obscure supplements. A whole bunch of them fall under the ‘Super Greens’ label, and include such suspicious sounding substances like ‘Spirulina’ or ‘Chlorella’. Green powders, basically, and people claim they can work miracles. Others sound pretty mundane, like ‘Wheat Grass’ or ‘Wild Barley’, and are common additives to smoothies and shakes. So why are they so popular with people who seem to be in the know?

Kobe Beef

Insanity WorkoutAmerica is a nation of beef eaters. From massive burgers oozing fat over our fingers to thick ribeye steaks lying heavy on the plate to meatballs to hotdogs to Bolognese sauces to beef stir fries, we eat beef in all its flavorful, near infinite variations. Entire restaurant chains are dedicated to beef, from Ruth Chris to Morton’s Steakhouse, to the best restaurants in NYC such as Del Frisco’s or Peter Luger’s. Cowboys are an iconic American image, as is the independent rancher watching his herds out West, eyes always on the horizon. Beef is an American pastime, lover affair and obsession. However, nothing we have comes close to the fanaticism that the Japanese approach their Kobe beef with. What is Kobe beef, why is it so expensive, and is it worth the price?

Backyard Garden: Aphids Attack!

Aphid ThumbWe’re a few weeks into our backyard experiment, and without looking closely all seems to be going exceptionally well. The Mesclun Greens and the Arugula are sprouting nicely, the squash plants are growing wide and stately, and the corn has sprouted hand high seedlings that look delicate and pale but promise a luscious bounty in three months time. From a distance, all is verdant, growing and peaceful.

But. Then I saw the aphids.


teathumbTea time is not only a delightful and civilized ceremony (ask anybody from England, India, China, Japan or any other number of places) but a way to keep your teeth health, prevent dental caries, perhaps aid in weight loss, prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. So set that Coke aside, brew yourself a pot, and kick back and enjoy yourself a cuppa!

Backyard Garden, a Few Days In

thumb2A few days ago we tore up the backyard, stripped the earth of the weedy grass and lay down fertilizer soil in which to plant a number of vegetables. Peppers, arugula, corn, chard and more, we planted them in rows or set the young seedlings into the soil, watered them and then began to wait. And, coming in this morning, we’re thrilled to see how much life had sprouted in the dark earth. From thousands of delicate, tendril like shoots of arugula to slender spikes of baby green corn, our veggies had been to grow and reach for the sun. I took the opportunity to snap off a series of shots, and we’ll keep you posted here as to how our garden continues to grow, and what difficulties and challenges we run into. So far, however (I don’t want to jinx us), so good!

Legal Ways To Cheat/Enhance Athletic Performance

Sun Vitamin D Are there natural means to breaking through plateaus and realizing your full potential? For now, hold off on the horse steroids, and read on. Maybe the next few words on the often overlooked athletic benefits to supplementing your diet with Vitamin D and latte’s could change your life.

Is The Roof On Fire? No, It’s Your Body

What triggers chronic inflammatory response? How exactly does it damage our body? And most importantly, what can we do about it? Read on as The Trammps and I seek to elucidate the dangers and remedies to this lethal condition.

Bubble Bubble, Boil & Trouble: Intestinal Woes and Cares

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in your belly, what some of the most common woes are, and how best to ameliorate them.

Body Breaking Down? Reconstruct It With Good Food

How to combat these minor ills? How to shore up the bulwarks against the depredations of the daily grind? You can actually make a real difference through what you eat. Avoid certain foods and focus on others, and you might find your day suddenly all that much better. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most common afflictions, shall we?