Will the Insanity Workout Make You Lose Muscle?

Insanity Workout Muscle LossI get asked this all the time. Will I lose muscle if I do the Insanity Workout? As with most questions, there’s an annoying answer: it depends. What are the variables? They’re your current body composition, your goals, and how you approach nutrition. Let’s take a quick look at what the Insanity Workout is designed to do, and then see how you can tweak that to best suit your needs.

Building a Better Butt with One Key Move

Better BootyWhile there’s not much you can do to your face without the help of a surgeon, you can definitely change the shape of your posterior through exercise and diet. By just adding one little exercise to your routine, you can enhance the attractiveness of your butt, and that exercise is the Romanian Deadlift, or RDL.

Is Your Personal Trainer Qualified To Train You?

So how to tell if your trainer is actually qualified to train you? The first and simplest step is to ask for their qualifications. Confused by the seemingly endless acronyms that they then give you? Here’s a breakdown of what it all means.

Protein 101

  What are Proteins? Proteins play a vital role in our lives.They are the building blocks of most of our body tissues, such    as skin, muscle, nails, and tendons among others. Proteins also take part in many metabolic functions such as nutrient absorption, transportation of oxygen, and they even help deactivate toxic substances. Proteins are […]