Reasons People Quit Their Workouts


So why do people quit? The rewards for sticking with your workout routine are immense: you look good, you feel good, your health improves, your energy levels will go up, you’ll live longer and be happier. With such an amazing list of benefits, why would anybody ever stop? Especially when most people who start are always so fired up? They want to do the hardest workout, to adopt the most extreme diet plan, and they want to do it now. So why do they stop? Why does almost everybody quit, so that when you check back in a couple of months later they’re back on the couch, griping? What are the reasons people quit?

1) Some people don’t like it

Exercising is hard. It requires real effort, and it’s the kind of effort most novices aren’t used to exerting. While these people can do twelve hours of work at the desk, 45 minutes of exercise is brutal, it’s uncomfortable, it feels bad, and they hate the soreness the next day. The idea of lifting weights or doing cardio is depressing, and they dread having to get into their workout clothes in order to sweat and gasp feel awful. It’s simply not fun, they don’t feel good, and like spinach on your plate when you’re a kid, they end up avoiding it whenever an excuse presents it. Not only that, they feel tired all the time, and after 3 weeks, they give it all up as a bad idea.

2) They have unrealistic expectations

The more fired up people are when they start, the more likely they are to get disappointed when they don’t get extreme results right away. Ideally you should approach working out as a new lifestyle, a habit you’re including into your day to day activities. However, most people approach working out as a means to a short-term goal, losing 30lbs, or revealing their six-pack, or something that they see as tangible. Thus their new habits are never seen as a long term endeavor, and are doomed to fail in the long run as a result. Especially when those extreme results don’t manifest in the first 3 weeks, and the effort begins to wear them out, and so they quit, thinking it’s not worth it. Unrealistic expectations give rise to impatience, despair, and quitting. Realize that these home workouts are structured for 3 months for a reason–that’s how long it usually takes to realize serious results.

3) They’re not able to do the workouts

Workouts are usually tough. Some are for beginners, others are for hardcore athletes, and being able to pick the right one will determine whether you succeed and feel great or flounder and give up in despair. This is especially true of intense workouts like the Insanity Workout, where it’s not enough to be determined but you need to have healthy joints so as to be able to take the pounding. This leads directly into reason #1, where your workouts are just miserable. Thus you need to be honest and realistic and pick the workout that’s right for you–one that will challenge you, but not burn you out.

4) You get worse results as your progress through the workout

What could be more frustrating? Every week you’re doing less, feeling more tired, burned out, till finally you quit. This happens for a simple reason: you’re not getting enough sleep, and you’re not eating right. The result is that you’re not healing up, you’re not replenishing your energy levels, you’re tired and worn out and you do worse and worse each time. This again leads to reason #1, and before you know it, you’ve decided you’re too busy to work out because you’re tired all the time. Surprisingly hard to remedy, getting the right food and enough sleep is a huge cause of quitting for many people.

So there you go. Four common reasons people quit. If you’re falling into one of the groups above, re-assess, dig deep, and keep going!