Week 6 is the continuation of the massive doses of punishment being unfold in the Second Month. These workouts are longer, harder, and they will take even more out of you than the first month did. Are you hanging in there? Here are the challenges you can expect!

  • Tempted to Cut the Workouts Short: Man, some of these workouts seem to go on forever. If you’ve grown used to the shorter workouts from month one, if you’re burning out a little, then you may be tempted to cut some of these workouts short. Maybe you find yourself standing there, panting with your hands on your knees, unable to keep going. Maybe you just want to say you’re done, and press Stop. Maybe you don’t have any more, enthusiasm, patience, or energy. Either way, Week 6 that temptation may be very real.
  • Looking for Light at the End of the Tunnel: So most of you are probably eager to destroy Week 6 and tear it apart. However, what if you’re not? What if you feel like these past 6 weeks have taken forever, that you’re struggling and knowing that the end is still 3 weeks away? Insanity has the ability to create its own time warp, so that four weeks can seem like three months, one workout can seem like two hours. Maybe you’re tempted to quit because you’re starting to think this never will end! But don’t! There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Novelty of Month 2 has Worn Out: OK, so you’re over the novelty of longer workouts. Perhaps it wasn’t that novel to begin with, or the fact that they’re longer and tougher wasn’t a source of joy. Either way, you’re already tired of these mega workouts and now you just want to either go back to Month 1 or you want to try something new, something that won’t ride you so brutally and leave you exhausted. Week 6, and you want a change. What are you going to do?


So those are the challenges, what are the solutions? How can you make sure you don’t crash and burn and quit like most people do during this toughest of weeks? Check out my tips below for advice:

  • Rest, Rest, Rest: OK, so for one reason or another you might be having trouble with these longer workouts. Maybe you’re running out of energy halfway through, maybe you’re tired of the workouts themselves. It is crucial that you do your workouts when you feel well rested. A trick that worked for me was to make sure I did my Insanity in the mornings. Although many of you may feel sleepy in the mornings, it is the time of the day were your body is fully rested (if you got your 8 hours of sleep – of course).
  • Ventilation is Key: Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many of my customers write in complaining and then confess that they workout in a closed basement. Don’t do that! Make sure you are getting plenty of fresh air, turn on the fans, crank that AC but don’t make it too cold. Remember, sweating is part of your body’s way of releasing energy and cooling down, so if you make the AC too cold you run the risk of unbalancing things. Get lots of fresh air, and keep going!
  • Nutrition: I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again: the only way to win at Insanity is through awesome nutrition. If you’re skimping here, losing your focus, if you’re not getting all your meals in at a regular time, if you’re not hydrating, if you’re not taking your Shakeology, if you’re doing anything else less than 100% you will see the consequences in your workout. Focus on your nutrition people! Don’t slip, don’t grow comfortable! This is the most important part of your workout, so stay focused!






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