Week 4 isn’t the toughest week, but there are still some very real dangers that could cause you to become over confident and ruin your workout. So pay attention as we alert you to the dangers! Here are the top 3 challenges that will urge you to quit and just stop trying so hard. Recognize them and avoid them!

  • Cutting Yourself Slack: Remember how in the beginning every single workout seemed crucial? Remember how you didn’t dare miss a single one because you were afraid it would derail you? Well, the greatest challenge of Week 4 is confidence. Over confidence and feeling good about where you’re at might cause you to think it’s “OK” to miss a workout during this week. Don’t! Keep up the tension, and stick to your workout ethics! Remember, getting results goes hand in hand with consistency.
  • Over Training: This can happen if you have been pushing too hard for too long. While not everybody may run into this problem, you should be on the lookout for symptoms such as insomnia, loss of appetite, lingering soreness and headaches. This may mean that you’ve been pushing too hard without enough rest, and your body is beginning to rebel. Everybody has their natural limit to how hard they can go, and if you have been testing yours for too long, you could begin to feel the consequences.
  • Getting Tired of the Nutrition Plan: In the beginning the problem was sticking with the nutrition, making those changes to begin with, adapting your diet to your new eating plan. It may have taken you a week or two to get on track, but now you’re facing a whole new problem: boredom. What if you’re growing sick of the same meals? What if you’re starting to crave more variety? Not wanting to stick to the nutrition plan is a huge problem if you don’t watch out.


So those are the challenges. Now, what are the solutions? How can you make sure you don’t crash and burn and quit like most people do? Check out my tips below:


  • Danger of Pride: If you’re starting to think that you’ve got Insanity down, that you are cruising along and can afford to take a weekend off here, miss a workout there, you’re wrong. What’s worse, you’re imperiling the very gains you’ve made so far. I always end up quitting my workouts when I reach my peak, because I feel like I can take a break, I’ve “earned” it, and then never get back on track. Don’t get arrogant! Stay humble and work hard!
  • Recovery Week is Almost Here!: If you’re beginning to crash and burn despite getting plenty of rest and sleep, then you need to keep your eye on Recover Week that’s just around the corner. This will help you reset your system, to take the intensity down a notch and allow your body to truly recover. However, don’t quit your workouts, but rather stay in there, keep pushing, and just try to eat, sleep and drink as much water as you can. You’re almost there!
  • Learn to Cook: One of the greatest challenges with the nutrition plan is dealing with the lack of variety in the long run. The creators of Insanity couldn’t pack in a meal for every single day, so inevitably there will be repetition, there will be some boredom, and that could lead to quitting the plan.

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