The Insanity Workout will present you with one of the greatest challenges you will ever face, and Week 2 will help you check in on what you’re doing wrong. It helps to be prepared, so here are 3 challenges that you will probably face.

  • Lack of Energy: I tell people over and over again that the secret to succcess with Insanity is to follow the nutrition plan as closely as they can, but everybody always fails to do so. They just don’t take it seriously. So either they continue to each junk or they take guesses on how much should be eating, and then they run out of energy and feel lethargic and exhausted. That or they’re not getting enough sleep, trying to stick to the old habits from before Insanity. The math is simple, sleep more, eat better, and watch how your energy levels improve.
  • You Feel Overwhelmed: A lot of people don’t quite understand what they’re getting into when they start the Insanity Workout. They think that the words ‘extreme’ and ‘hardest workout’ are just cheap marketing phrases, and then suddenly realize that they’re in for a really intense and brutal two months. Often they’ll feel overwhelmed by Week 2, and begin to believe they can’t do this. Hang in there! Remember that you can go at your own pace, and that you can always press pause. It gets easier very quickly if you do everything right.
  • More Soreness: You thought you knew all about soreness during Week 1, but now you might find yourself hobbling along, having trouble walking. How could this happen to you? You’re not stretching right, you’re not taking care of yourself. Your legs and hips, calves and hamstrings might be so tender that you have trouble climbing the stairs. Try going deeper into the stretches and make sure you drink enought water so you can flush the toxins that cause soreness. In addition consume foods or drinks that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to assist in reducing muscle soreness. Many fruits such as most berries, grapes, oranges have high leveles of anitoxidants. Also nuts, legums and even the P90X Recovery Drink is loaded with them.Additionally the Recovery Formula has other ingredients that help in muscle growth and repair.


You’re into your second Week, and you need to be smart about how to survive and excel. Therefore, take these 3 pieces of advice and do your best to follow them. They could make the difference between an awesome week of incredible victories or long and suffering workouts:

  • Stretch Your Calves: The one thing that killed me was my calves. They were knotted up as if baseballs had been stuck under the skin, and that’s when I noticed that Shaun T doesn’t really do a calf stretch at the beginning of the workout. So learn to pause the workout just before he gets into the main challenge, and do you own calf stretches. Also, to ease general soreness if its getting excruciating, trying icing your muscles after the workout.
  • Win at Nutrition: By now you’re starting to appreciate how hard following the nutrition plan is. Not because the plan itself is complicated, but because your old habits are hard to break. So here’s some good advice. Go through your pantry and put everything you’re not allowed to eat into a box to donate. Get rid of it, don’t eat it. Also, write out a shopping list for the whole week, and then purchase the ingredients for each specific meal. That way you will have everything on hand when you need it. Finally, read what your meals are for the day each morning, and prepare them when you have the chance so you know exactly what to do when it comes time to eat. It is crusial that you have 5-6 meals a day, so make sure you have healty choices to snack on and you don’t go through long periods without having a meal. Always avoid feeling hungry! If you ever feel that way you are doing someting wrong. Simple snacks such as a piece of fruit, a protein bar, hard boiled eggs, or shakeology are the options that work best for me.
  • Learn to press Pause: If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed or burning out and thinking of quitting because this workout is too hard, then stop and take a reality check. You’re letting your ego run your life. No where does it say that you have to match the people on the screen in terms of intensity and fitness. All the trainees with Shaun T are Insanity graduates. They’ve already been doing this for sixty days. Therefore, it’s irrational to think you can keep up with them right out the door. Which means check your ego, and learn to slow down, learn to pace yourself throughout the workout, learn to press pause when you’re in trouble. What I did that really helped was to take the warm up easy, not going all out as they do, and saving that energy for the main workout. Trust me, it helped a lot!


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