The Insanity Workout will present you with one of the greatest challenges you will ever face, and Week 1 will test you like no other. It helps to be prepared, so here are the three to challenges you will face.

  • Initial Shock: The first challenge is to accept that you’ve probably never done so much cardio exercise in one go before. This is an explosive mix of plyometrics, calisthenics, sports drills and pure cardio, and you will push your body deep into the anaerobic zone. What does this mean for you? Take it easy, pace yourself, and know that you will be burning reserves that you might regret the next day. Accept that you’re not on the level of the Insanity Graduates on the screen, go at your own pace, and live to fight another day.
  • Extreme Soreness: The second challenge stems directly from the first: soreness. You will ache and hurt like nothing you’ve felt before. That’s why it’s so important to do all the stretches. You can improve your chances of not aching too much by making sure you stretch out plenty on your own, and doing your own calf stretches since Shaun T skips these in the workouts. No matter what: just be prepared for stiffness and aches. It’s going to happen. And remember, no pain, no gain!
  • New Moves, New Routines: Finally, the first week will present you with six different routines with some moves that probably are new to you. You will have to adjust and do your best to keep up. As the weeks progress, you will come to know the routines and be able to follow them with ease, but in the beginning don’t get frustrated if you find yourself lagging behind or scrambling to adjust your execution. Never compromise form, and hang in there striving to do your best.


Alright, you’re almost there. Week 1 awaits, you’re ready to go, you’ve got your cross trainers, your yoga mat, you’re bottle of water is handy and all you have to do is press play. What else can you do to improve your chances? Here are some general tips to keep you in the game:

  • Read The Guides: Each program comes with its own guidebook to explain how it works and to help you understand the diet and exercise plan. Please take the time to read your guidebook thoroughly. It will tell you everything you need to know in order to get started and how to measure your progress.
  • Take The Fit Test: It’s important to know where you stand and if your current fitness level is adequate. Providing an honest assessment of your abilities and your mind-set will allow you to take advantage of your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Follow The Calendar: (without skipping recovery workouts).
  • Get Good Rest: Your body is going to take a pounding. Nothing will help you more than a good night’s sleep, allowing your muscles to heal and reknit themselves and your central nervous system to relax and prepare for the next day. You should try to sleep at least eight hours a day, and more if you can, especially during the first week.
  • Stay Hydrated: Are getting your eight glasses of water a day? While doing Insanity, you might want to amp this up to ten or twelve glasses a day. You’ll truly be sweating that much.
  • Eat Right: This is the key to success with Insanity. Without good nutrition you might as well not even bother. Your source of energy, your ability to control weight loss, everything is contained within the Diet Plan book. Follow it with more intensity and integrity than even the workouts. But remember: don’t eat before working out. Trust us.
  • Don’t Overdo It: This is a crucial final reminder. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Don’t hesitate to press pause if you’re dizzy, nauseous, or in pain. Go at your own pace, and never, ever hurt yourself. As long as you finish the workout, it doesn’t matter if you match the speed and intensity of the people on the screen: just give 100% of what you are capable of, and survive to fight another day.


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