Slim in 6 | Slim in Six
Congratulations for making the decision towards a new, healthier YOU

By working with Debbie Siebers’  Slim in 6 workout program and staying committed,  you will be in shape in just 6 weeks or less that 45 days. Slim in 6 is a unique program that it is a structured to deliver results within 6 weeks; this is a program that you follow 6 days a week for 6 weeks. What’s attractive is that the moves are simple, there’s no tricky choreography

How Does Slim in 6 Work?

Debbie’s Slim in 6 body-slimming system takes you through 3 phases of intensity, gradually toning your body and trimming away fat while increasing your strength, endurance, and energy. At the same time, by working the same muscles 6 days/week, Slim in 6 prevents muscle bulk by creating a leaner, thinner look.

The goal is to follow the program for 6 days/week for 6 weeks, all the time keeping the intensity as high as is comfortably possible.

What to Expect

When you first start to work out with the program, it may be hard. You may get sore. You may get grumpy. But you will see dramatic improvements–fast. Some say the first days of Phase 2 are the hardest. Just when you master all the movements in Phase 1 (Start It Up!), wham! –you move onto Phase 2 (Ramp It Up!), and it’s hard again.

And again, you might get sore. Again, you might get grumpy. And again, it gets easier. The same goes when you move on to Phase 3 (Burn It Up!). And that’s what this program is all about–constantly challenging yourself to improve, to increase the challenge, and then to master it.

In 6 weeks you’ll be able to do more push-ups than you ever dreamed of. Your arms will look great, your thighs will look great, and your abs will look great. And it should be only a matter of days before someone comments on your fine behind. All from just 6 days of work!

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