Perfect Steak: What to Look For

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Best SteakSteak is a national pastime. From the established and renowned steak houses of NYC to the backyard bbq's across the country, from restaurants that serve steak strips on salads to the Tex-Mex fajitas that serve them in tortillas, steak is consumed everywhere. However, of late much has been said of studies linking the high consumption of red meat to the development of cancer, leaving people in the lurch--should they continue to consume steaks? Given the maxim 'everything in moderation', perhaps we should consume less steak, but of higher quality. But how to know what to look for? Price isn't a sufficient indicator, nor is the fact that it's served in a fancy steak house. Read on to learn what to ask for, and how to tell if what you're putting inside you is the perfect steak, or some expensive imitation rip-off.