What You Need to Start a New Workout Program

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Eat Sleep WorkoutPeople start new programs all the time, and people quit them just as fast. For every ten bright eyed, enthusiastic newbies ready to start their latest fitness endeavour, there are nine burnt out, hollow eyed folks who failed to go the distance. What's that one person doing right, that those nine people are failing to do? How do you line up your factors so that you're most likely to stick with your workout, and less likely to quit? If you've glanced at the banner above, you're likely to have an idea as to where I'm going, but listen up folks. Sometimes its the basics that people forget first.

Third Week Slump: The Hardest Part of the Workout

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Third Week SlumpI see it over and over and over again. Scores of people line up to begin a health and fitness challenge. Whether it's acting on a New Year's Resolution at the beginning of January or a sudden resolve to undertake the Insanity Workout, people get fired up, impatient, determined to get radical results today. They can't wait, they've got the fever, they need to start as badly as drowning people need to breath. But then, a few weeks later, they're done. Stop cold. Endless number of people go through this pattern. So what's going on?

What To Do When You Quit

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Tired AthleteThe message is always the same: Never Give In, Never Surrender. Work through the pain, tough it out, walk it off. Dig deeper, bring it, be all that you can be. But sometimes life intervenes, sometimes events go awry, and you just have to stop. An injury, a new job routine that hogs all your time, a complete implosion of your willpower, a failure to get the results you needed to stay motivated, something comes along and you find yourself unable to get out of bed and do your workout. What do you do then?

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