Best Supplements for Men

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vitaminsIn a perfect world, you would get everything you need nutrition-wise from your diet. You would eat derive all the right amounts of protein, carbs, fat and vitamins, minerals and more from whole foods that were locally and organically grown. You would eat fish, cruciferous vegetables, fruits and more. You would be healthy, bursting with energy, with a fantastic immune system and ready to live until you were 100. But today it's hard to get everything you need. When was the last time you ate high quality fatty fish? How many veggies do you really have each week? Are you sure you're getting all the fatty acids and minerals your body can't produce itself? The problem with people's diets today are their blind spots. The elements of their diets they don't know they're missing out on. Which leads to disease and problems later on in life as your body crumbles in on itself. So what can you do about it?

Are Men Like Dogs?

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Men Like Dogs?Seriously. I know that there are hundreds of thousands of psychology books out there, mapping out the intricate, Freudian depths of men’s psyches. That we men are fully realized human beings, that some of us are mature adults with complex desires and lofty goals. But at the heart of it, are men just like dogs? Can you boil us down to a few commonalities, and in so doing, figure us out? I think the answer is quite clearly: yes. Read on, and decide for yourself!

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