Kettlebells: Extreme Exercise #2

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KettlebellsHave you guys seen these things before? As popular across the internet as they are rare in gyms, kettlebells are the province of Russians, fitness fanatics and the truly hardcore. Looking like cannonballs with handles affixed, they seem to be a curious version of dumbbells, primitive tools belonging to strongmen from centuries past. So what about these weird looking workout tools is so effective, so hardcore, so amazing? Why do people practically claim they can cure cancer, help us get back to the moon and make the most beautiful person you ever met fall irrevocably in love with you again? Read on, brave and gentle reader, and learn of the extreme nature of kettlebells, and why you should consider adding them to your workout?

Sledgehammers: Extreme Exercise # 1

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Sledgehammer TrainingWe're going to be kicking off a series of articles here on the Extreme Fitness Results Blog examining the world of extreme exercises. While many people throw themselves into P90X or the Insanity Workout, there's a whole slew of others who like to get Rocky Balboa on their workouts and try a variety of intense exercises. Over the next few weeks we're going to examine a number of these off-the-beaten track workouts, and evaluate whether they're worth considering. Today we're going to kick off by looking at a very cool exercise: the sledgehammer Tabata. It's cool because you get to swing a sledgehammer around, and if you're a boy, that's like returning to be a nine year old. If you're a girl? I don't know. Do girls like swinging sledgehammers around? Probably! That's just how awesome sledgehammers are.

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