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Turbo Fire comes with a 5 Day Inferno Plan that will allow you to kick off your program with a bang. If you follow the Inferno Plan to the letter, you can lose a bunch of inches and pounds right from the get go. The trick is to follow the meal plan exactly on each day, and to do the right exercise combination as well. If you do that, you can realize incredible results right from the get-go!

The main workout guide comes with two different calendars: the Prep Schedule and the Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme hybrid schedule. Both of these are crucial if you want to follow the right steps, allowing you to know when to do a EZ 55 Fire class, or when to rest.

Many people might attempt to create their own program, to follow their own rhythm and taste, and while that might work for somebody who has already completed the workout at least once, you might be better off following the classic schedule at least the first time through so that you familiarize yourself with the program.

Only then, once you have a good understanding of the principles at play, can you begin to mix and match yourself!