If you’re focused on getting through the Turbo Fire Workout with the best results possible, you absolutely must follow the Nutrition Guide that is provided with it. If you want a total body transformation, than your diet—what you eat, and what you don’t—will prove instrumental in whether you come out looking fantastic or simply worn and tired.

Why Focus on Nutrition?

Why focus on nutrition? The answer is simple. Turbo Fire is an incredibly high energy workout, requiring massive amounts of both stamina and energy to complete the program. Whether it’s a HIIT workout or a 55 EZ Burn class, you need to be bursting with energy. Where does that energy come from? Your nutrition. If you’re not eating the right kind of food, and the right amount, you’ll simply crash and burn and not be able to finish.

What’s more, if you don’t focus on eating the right kind of food, you won’t change the way you look. Eating too many or too few calories will result in your body failing to shed weight. It’s a fine balance between losing weight and maintain good energy, so focus on your nutrition guide and make sure you follow it to the ‘T’.

How to Work the Nutrition Into Your Workouts

Since the Turbo Fire workout is so incredibly intense, you will need to ensure that you get a steady source of nutrition. That means five meals a day—three main meals, and two snacks. You should try to eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up, and your first snack within a couple of hours of that. Your lunch should be two hours after your snack, and so on, with two hour breaks inbetween until you eat dinner. Remember: consistency is the key. If you start to slide on your meals, you will quickly find that you are becoming lethargic and out of energy.

Another key concept to Turbo Fire is to constantly snack on healthy, 100 calorie snacks whenever you feel the need or have to adjust your caloric intake. By doing this you will ensure that you are not only eating healthy food, but also maintaining and meeting your goal.

Remember: never eat less than 1,200 calories, because your body will begin to think it’s starving and mess with your metabolism, making you feel awful and actually putting weight back on. Also, remember to drink plenty of water. You want to drink at least 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water per day. Remember: other drinks contain calories, so watch what you’re drinking and avoid soft drinks!

How Does the Meal Plan Work?

The Turbo Fire nutrition plan is based on a simple concept: watching what you eat. First you figure out how many calories you should be eating in order to achieve your goals. You do this by figuring in your current weight, your exercise level, and how much weight you want to lose per month, and then use the Turbo Fire formula to calculate the result. From there, you choose three meals a day and two snacks and make sure to prepare them and be sure to eat them at the right time. What’s even better, the Nutrition plan comes with a host of pre-prepared meals that break down their macronutrient content, so that you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out caloric levels and so forth—you can just follow the guide and rest easy.

Now, as you go through Turbo Fire you will be ramping up your metabolism, such that you will need more and more calories to maintain your body’s energetic needs. This means that as you go you will often need to recalculate exactly how much it is you should be eating, often adding more calories to your total and figuring out new meal plans to incorporate your new goals. This is essential, as it helps you keep on top of your workouts and to feel great.

At its heart, this isn’t a diet. This is a meal plan that will allow you to eat a wide array of delicious foods and vegetables, cook everything from fish to poultry, to eat spicy, sweet and everything in between. All that this nutrition plan is doing is helping you plan what it is you are going to eat. Once you go in with the right attitude, you will find that following the plan is both easy and effective. And the results will speak for themselves.