Stretch 10

This is a quick session, and is best done so as to prevent soreness the next day. It begins with some arm swings, stretching out the shoulder, and then moves to some neck stretches. Once that’s warmed up you drop into some squats, pushing the knees open, and then down into some deep lunges. Come up into Warrior 2, then down into a hamstring stretch. Once that’s done, repeat for the other side.
Lower down into a butterfly stretch, pressing your knees down, and then twist from side to side. Cross your legs to stretch your glutes, do some more shoulder stretches and you’re done!

Stretch 40

This begins as a yoga class, standing in mountain pose and moving through a different series of stretches, with some ballet stretches thrown in for fun. You move through a wide number of yoga poses, from chataranga to downward dog. The focus is on stretching out your backs, your leg, hips and thighs, opening the hips and really warming up the muscles. This is less of a stretch but more of an actual yoga class, so you wouldn’t be far off if you called it ‘Yoga 40’. Stay with it, stay focused, and try to really go deep into each pose, to breath carefully and enjoy every stretch. This can actually be a really intense workout itself if done right, so don’t hold back, don’t take it easy, and really try to get the most from it.