Warm Up

The warm ups are a little slower, and focused more and deep and powerful squats and side lunges to really warm and stretch you out. You even do some yoga moves to prepare you for the workout itself. Lunges of all variation, hamstring stretches, back curls, shoulder stretches.


Now, grab your band, step on it with a wide stance and squat down into it as you do your curl. Do this nice and slow and squeeze out the last rep. Finish off with some curls, and then repeat. From here step on the band with one foot, go into a forward lunge position, and lower yourself as your do a triceps workout. Tough! Then stand and just work the triceps by extending and lowering the forearm.

On we go. Slight forward lunge, step on the band with one foot, and do a row. Do another set of triceps drops, and then the same workout on the other side. Give yourself a nice little stretch, and back into it!

This shoulder raise is tough, so be careful. Step on the band with one foot, and then lift your arm straight toward the ceiling, then cross over and punch toward the sky, always using the band.

The exercises continue like this for the rest of the 30 minutes, with your stepping on the band in order to workout  biceps, shoulders, triceps, back and more. Toward the end you hit the ground for some crunches with the resistance band, working your core in a variety of ways, and you’re done!

Tone 30 Workout: By now you know how the warm-ups go, so I can skip describing that. In this class you will be doing a bunch of tough exercises, ranging from calisthenics to resistance band work, so let’s go! Kick it off with some push-ups, a bunch of curls with the resistance band, so shoulder presses and more.

From there, the class focuses on slow and deep movements, whether you’re doing a variety of curls, extensions, side arm raises or lunges. Eventually you end up on the mat where you use the stretchy green band to give your leg extensions some burn, plenty of core work, and you’re done!