Warm Up

You know these warm-ups. This is the classic warm-up, with the arm swings, the punches, all of it done to energetic double bobs as you twist from side to side. The goal as always is to do a dynamic warm-up that gets your body heated up, your heart beating, and ready for the main workout. Bust out a bunch of squats, get down deep to warm up those hamstrings. Do some side to side lunges, stay light on your feet, and then a little jump rope and diagonal sky punches, and you’re ready to go!


Here we go! The first HIIT starts at with 21 minutes to go. Immediately throw yourself into it! This is a 70 second HIIT, and you’ll be doing a lot of sideways leaps, a lot of arm swings, some high knee jumps, ground touches and side punches. As HIIT workouts go, it’s not the hardest, but it requires some high energy. You have your break, and then you do it again!

Time for the second HIIT variation. When it kicks off, go full blast! Remember, HIIT requires 110%. This one involves a lot of sky punches combined with high knees, a lot of jumps where you tuck your knees to your chest, and that’s about it. Hang in there as you go into a series of jumps, more side lunges, more sky punches and jumps and knees! This one is tougher, and you’ll do it twice!

OK, you have your break, and then it’s round 3. This one is even tougher, and will have you doing sideways lunges where you touch the ground, plenty of jumps, side hops where you hold the hop and then forward lunges. More sideways ground touches! Some high knee runs and leaps and you’re done! Hang in there, go as hard as you can, and then, you know what? Do it all over!

The final HIIT is the toughest, and you’ll be punching the sky and touching the ground, lots of leaps, sideways punches, and then yes, burpies! Hang in there! Do it twice, and it’s cool down time!