Warm Up

Warm up in the traditional manner, rolling right into the arm swings, the uppercuts and jams. Dip down into squats, do a whole bunch of those, and then start doing sumo squats. You’re going to really want to warm up so do these as best as you can. Then do lunges, drop down to touch the ground and then torque to twist your core and throw in a burpie for good measure.


Time for your first fire drill! Throw yourself into a whole bunch of lunges, then do a bunch of side to side punches, more lunges, touching the ground, and then try not to collapse!
Take a breather, relax, get ready for more. A little jump rope, and then it’s time for round 2. The same series, a bunch of lunges and touching the ground ending with a ton of side to side punches. Simple!

A little cool down exercise and then it’s time for round 3! This time you want to do some sports drills, running on your tip toes, then jumps, punching jacks and you’re done! Round four is the same as round three, go go go!

Round 5 involves a bunch of high knees, a bunch side punches, a lot more high knees and finito. Congrats! You want to keep it tight and fast. Round 6 and 7 are the same as Round 5.

Finish up with some regular punches turning from side to side, focus on your rhythm, regain your breath, trying to cool down but also stay in the game, just because the HIIT workouts are over is no reason to stop altogether. Then do some lateral stretches, some deep side lunged, work those hamstrings, get in there deep to really release some tension, and be sure to do both sides. Finally end up with a really deep lunge, and you’re done!