Warm Up

The workout begins with a familiar warm up, swinging your arms from side to side and then throwing a punch. Transition into a series of side to side punches, uppercuts and hooks, making sure to engage your core. Mix in some knees that go straight up and oblique, and then back into some arm swings. Go a little crazy and then do some deep side lunges. Repeat some of the basic sequences and then do the other side and you should be well and truly warmed up!


From the warm up you go into a furious session of jabs and more turning punches, throwing in some knees for fun. Go fast, go furious, and do the same intense moves for a number of punishing reps. Twist from side to side as you throw punches into the sky, do a few punching jacks, some jump rope, and then it’s time to do it all over again on the other side.

Now comes some trickier moves, with high low punches mixed in with some switch footwork. Blast out some knees, do some more high punches, swing from side to side and keep the energy high! With kicks thrown in for good measure (everything from straight or side kicks), this new combo will have you burning!

The next combo will have you doing a stunning number of jabs as you move lightly on your feet, followed by some punching jacks and knees. Keep moving and grooving, punching high and low, turning from side to side, more knees and more punching jacks for good measure. Then, when you’re about to collapse, do the whole thing again on the other side!

From here we break out some heismans, moving from side to side and then it’s more punches, high kicks, side kicks and back kicks.
Just when you thought you were done, there comes a 75 second fire drill! You move from side to side, lunge to lunge, then into jumps, punches and more lunges, all of it at the maximum intensity you can bring, The next fire drill is the same one again, high knees, lunges, jogging, side to side and more!

The class continues with every variation imaginable involving kicks, punches, hooks and jumps. Follow through right till the end, trying to keep up, and you’ll be a puddle of sweat when you’re done!