Warm Up

You know these warm-ups. This is the classic warm-up, with the arm swings, the punches, all of it done to energetic double bobs as you twist from side to side. The goal as always is to do a dynamic warm-up that gets your body heated up, your heart beating, and ready for the main workout. Then you segue into lots of high knees until you get a crazy burn in your core. A few stretches, a few more reaches, do the cycle one more time, and you’re ready to go!


Here we go! Start off with some jump rope, and then start slamming out the cross punches and bringing some more high knees. You’re going to be bouncing the whole time, keeping your weight light on the balls of your feet and moving smoothly between the punching and knees.

Now you segue into all sorts of crazy core gyrations, punching from side to side and then swinging your body from side to side, engaging the oblique’s. Hang in there! Repeat this series several times, doing all the uppercuts with vigor and side punches with snap!

Let the energy rip! Go from a series of high reaches and then do a bunch of sidekicks, working as always on form over sloppiness. Then go for some diagonal sky punches, kicks to the front and back, and repeat the sequence. The key here is to snap the kicks out, to not be lazy but put some good energy into them!

And so it goes. Your sequences from there are an exhilarating combination of bobs, knees, jump rope and lots of punches. You’re going to go through many variations as you hang in there, but you need to remember that the key is to always hold onto your form, to push your boundary but not feel actual pain, and hang in there!

The cool down is key. Make sure to get a good stretch here, to follow the yoga poses carefully and really focus on your hamstrings.